Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tempation Be4 De Trial

The night be4 I had my small operation in my eyes, My fren Nil organize a Big dinner in his house trying to lure me into poisoning myself :P but he never suceeded & also because to celebrate our fren "Siew Yen Ji" excaxt 2 years in this gruesome but rich Tupai. It was some sorta pork luck but most of the dishes are prepare by Nil & Ray the Gayish combination from China & her little sis HK!
I tell you ah! The Food really makes my stomach sounds! So damn good smeelle but because my Eyes infection got as big as a Ping Pong Balls... I held back for the fear that Roger Federer might mistaken it as a tennis ball. And the Pilot Teoh bring Some Reisiling wine which is damn good, even with a ping pong eyes I cant resisit it.
Nevertheless, I met 2 very interesting guys beside all those Leng lui. An Emirates pilot & a Mas Pilot... Proud to say the MAS pilot is from Sabah & he used to study in Lasalle Tg.Aru but my super super super super senior. Cant even smell the lasallian blood inside him anymore.
Ever wonder why you have to open up your sight windows in the airplane during take off & landing? Ever wonder why you are not suppose to take off your shoes before the airplane take off & during Landing? Haha... I know le!
    • The window is suppose to be open so that if anything happen during take off or landing! The whole airplane circuit would be cut off, so that the window can provide some ligthing to the passenger & cabin crew inside.
    • After the 1st answer, the shoes should be an easy guess? so that when a real accident happen you wouldnt step on the glasses if your shoes are on.

There is only 1 aviation skool in Msia, & that is in Melaka... & to graduate it take us the least RM160k at the recent rates! Anyone wanna get their kids to be a pilot? they paid damn good & can go all around the world!