Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Expensive Cheap Cars for Sale!

Subaru Impreza 1.5L,
2008 Model,Black Colour,
Gulf Specs All Wheel Drive (AWD),
Automatic with option of manual shift,
Accident free,
Good condition -
Full Options (6 stack CD changer, 15” tyre wheel, Front head fog light)
Power windows, Electric mirrors, Central locking, A/C, No kid or pets have been in the car,
No smoker,
3 year 80,000km warranty,
Reg Jan 2008,
Insurance paid to Jan 10,
Price AED 40,000.00Lexus IS 300 2008,
pearl white color,
Premium Plus options ,
done 10,000 km,
4 months use
Accident Free
Full service history
Only 1 driver
Under Lexus Vehicle Warranty
Feature:6-spd multi-mode transmission w/paddle shifters, 228hp, 17" alloy wheels, ABS, Traction control & VSC Leather, 14 speaker Mark Levinson stereo w/ 6 disc in-dash changer + MP3, CHILLED seats, Front & rear sonar, Cruise control, Auto-rear sunshade, Keyless entry & start, etc... Looking for Dhs110,000
Both cars belongs to my fren and they are leaving Dubai, it aint any random Ads i copy & paste from car sales website. Middle East cars are cheaper and its even cheaper now... since everyone is leaving...
Car is the only things I never regret spending money in because SHE give me a LIFE in UAE...
Cheap car + Good Salary = Bargain!
Selling car during this time is 0ne good experience... I almost sold my car to a Pakistani, we reached the Road Transport Authority(RTA) office and only at that moment he said he wanna 4k discount because I mis inform him about the year production of my car. It was 2005 but I told him 2006!
I didnt lie to him, it was written 2006 on my insurances policies but 2005 on my car registration card. He know about it for a week but he choose to bargain with me at the last minutes... WTF! He tried to exhausted my all other options thus I have to sell my car to him.
But I aint gonna give in... I drove away & post my car on the website again...
A week later, I sold my car to a Hot Russian Blonde with a 4k discount. Selling car in UAE is all about SATISFACTION not MONEY! LOL!

Heaven Throwing Stone to D0bye?

I thought my friend was joking when he said, there will be Hail stones tonight (yesterday). People use to tell me, it usually rain 2 days a year in UAE but I have experience much more rain than two!

But rain usually come during the month of December to February, It was an unusual circumstances. Dubai and adjoining emirates were lashed by heavy rain and in some areas there were hail stones.

0h yeah! D0bye was crying becoz I’m leaving…

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Teh Tarik

Just got my Creative Vado yesterday morning... very efficient, I just order it thursday evening and they deliver it saturday morning. Less than 48hours... super efficient to dubai standard. This gadget is kinda free because I redeem it from Airmiles. 46500 airmiles to be precises....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road or simply known as SZ road is the main road of Dubai. It's actually the center of the New Dubai, where all those new modern building were build. I live along SZ road but the problems is that whenever I travel out of my house, I need to pay 4dirham Salik (Toll) charges and that Sux! But since I am car-less now, I need not to pay plus I can take alot of pixs while walking.Buildings along SZ road comprise of Residential as well as commercial. Lot of the residential Towers are actually owned by Emirates Airlines thus there are high concerntration of Cabin Crews here.Burj Dubai can be seen almost everywhere and its located along the SZ road. All those high rise buildings around it are actually more than 60 storeys high but when they stand near to Burj Dubai, it looks like they are only 20-30 high. Optical Illusion...Its very hard to find parkings during peak hours along the service roads of SZ road. Beside the limited parking spaces, there are also lot of cars stopping in between buildings to pick & drop passengers. Parking use to be free in Dubai but not anymore... One of the way for the Dubai government to look for extra revenue and discourage people from driving. 1dirham for 1hour, 3dirham for 2hour, 5dirham for 3hour & 8dirham for 4hour... If get fines--> 150dirham... Another reason for the bad traffics along the SZ service road is the construction of the METRO (LRT), There are excavation and overhead bridges everywhere.
This is no underground passage although there is one for crossing SZ road, this structure is to protect people who pass through building which still under construction from being hit by falling object. Dubai authorities do take Safety & Health at construction site seriouly.
This is the 0ld bus stand... it actually has been replaced by the air con Bus stop. I dunno why they still keep this broken bus-stand here? For romantic reason? to remind people that they use to sit under sun 50celcius to wait for a bus?
The 3wheel bicycle or tricycle is an effective way to transports stuffs from grocery stores to clients apartment. It might not be as flexible as a 2wheel but it offer better stability... give & take in life! At night this side of the road is a busy as its in the day... disco, pub, restaurants... one of the most famous disco/pub Zinc is located inside the Crowne Plaza along this road. Famous because Cabin crews can get 50% discount for drinks. I have an unforgetable experience related to this road. I finished drinking with my colleague at 2am and I tried to catch a taxi back but no taxi wanna take me home because the road was blocked to enable the installtion of the connecting bridge between 2metro station. I apartment maybe about 3KM from here but in a freezing night... 10C... I aint going to walk the walk... so go back and drank some more... till 3am... but the road still close... aiy0... sit at the road side till 4am... before traffic resume to normal.... All i wanted was a nice hot shower & sleep...

SZ road not the center anymore... more classy pubs in Marina now... Time change... location also change...

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Long Walk

I was about to walk the long walk from my apartment to Dubai Mall, The biggest Mall in The World. Driving will take me about 5-10minutes including finding parking & turning up the multistorey carpark and walking will be approximately about 30min...
Since I sold my car, I have to Walk The Walk... No choice but I am blessed with Friends... I met Kriss when waiting for the lift and she is also going to dubai mall so she took me there lol! So lucky...
The multi-storey parking is so big and Multisss... there are tickets machines everywhere for customers to get a ticket free to show where they park their car. I am sure, it will be a nightmare trying to locate a car without one.
One of the main attraction of Dubai Mall is The Kinokuniya bookshop... I think its the biggest bookshop I have ever been to.. There are all kind of books inside, from english to indian, chinese to japanese, korean & the list goes on and on...
The walkways for this mall is very wide and it has contribute a lot to the title biggest mall in the world. The fastfood burger Johnny Rockets sounds great but it price also very expensive. The cashier asked me do I wanted cheese in my burger and I asked her back, is it free? She said 4dirhams and I said no, TQ! Time has change... There are water features everywhere in the mall... some are about 30m high. Water features are one of the most popular decoration in dubai. Its nice to see but expensive to build and maintain. Most Dubai famous buildings has water features, its like Water Features is a must in the Land of Desert? What set Dubai Mall apart from the rest of Dubai Landmarks building is its lighting decoration. It was magnificient. They must have spend a fortune on these stuffs, lighting decorations are everywhere from ceilings to floors... I dont think any World Famous Shopping Mall can exist without Brand Like Armani & LV but in Dubai mall, these shops are actually still under renovations... Sean Connery still sell hot despite his age... A Legend without doubt... I doubt LV can find any Actor more famous than LV... only SEAN! But our very own Jimmy Choo shop is open for business... I am not up to standard to buy it but still can window it!
Aquarium inside Dubai mall is the main attraction of the mall... If I am not mistaken it the biggest Glass Panel in the world? anyway... non-paying tourists used to be able to go very near to the glass but since not many people wanna pay 25dirhams just to walk through the "underwater" tube... they setup a barricade to stop people from going near unless they PAY!
Just beside the Biggest Mall in the World located the Tallest Structure in the World... THE BURJ DUBAI
Behind every landmark building, there are thousands and even millions of labourers... It was 37degree celcius that day! They are 0rdinary supermen to me...
Within this Dubai Mall & Burj Dubai vicinity, there is The 0ld town hotel... Its not old but designed 0ld... not exactly 0ld, just according to UAE tradisional buildings... It looks like some romantic boat ride at the man-made lake but they are actually cleaning it. It takes a lot of manpower, time and machinery to maintain the "Blue-ness" of the lake if not it will turn Black-Green. Money is the secret to a beautiful blue lake... I prefer this hotel than The Famous 7star burj al arab, as this hotel give visitors the feeling of Arab-ness. Its their original taste... tourists come to taste the local enviroments not so western structures.... Just like every Landmark Buidling in Dubai... water everywhere but here its mix to perfection and give the feel of 0asis. Super cars are everywhere in UAE but super long cars are rare.... Burj Dubai is so huge... It drawfed all the building around it and I think they purposely design all building around it to be less than 3storeys high to give it even a BIGGER feel.......
I decided to walk back that day, halfly because I dont want to pay any taxi fares & partly I want to get the "slave" feel I got when I just came to dubai almost 3years ago.
It took me 2hours to walk from Dubai Mall to my apartment... It was suppose to be a 30min walk but because of my ignorance. I walk a lot of *yin wong* way... How I wish I have a bicycle like them... I used to laugh at them but Things change... I cant always be the big dog!

Lifes goes one...