Sunday, May 27, 2007

Red Carpets Greetings

Last Friday 19may2007, I was waken up around 3.45am by evil7 to take his GF (Guardian Forces) from Dubai International Aiport. It was really hard waking up in the wees hours of the day, I wonder how I manage to stay awake like this for few years in Cyber Cafe.

This scene, remind me of 18sept2006, the 1st day me & evil7 touch down on this ground after gruesome 14 hours flight from Msia to tupai. Thanks to JIM for choosing Gulf Air as it's 30% cheaper than others airline, I was able to stopover in Bahrain AIRPORT & Oman AIRPORT!!! Not forget another trip back to Msia also GULF AIR also courtesy of JIM, this time took us 20hours and visit Jakarta AIRPORT!!!! FYI; is normally takes 8hours for direct flight for KL-Tupai flight!

On 18sept2006, we are really tired after 14hours of flight from Msia! We just hope we can get a HOT SHOWER & SLEEP!!! Guess wat! JIM send a Pakistani Driver who doesnt speak a word of English to pick us up! THis show us, how much the APPRECIATE US!

After an hour of travelling in the van driven by Speedstar Michael SueMakai of Pakistan, I almost vomit! Then it took the driver another 30minutes to call someone to open the apartment door for us. The guy, a malay safety officer just show us the living room and go back to sleep, IT was around 6am then. Me & Evil7 look at each other in disbelief!!! We are treated like trash! I never ask for RED CARPETS welcome but at least give us some basic necessity!

The same day 8am we went to work in the van driven by Suemakai but this time full of people. But my stomach was damn hungry, as 8am is 12pm in msia. I havnt has anything to eat yet! The whole day nobody cares if I have eaten anything or not! I was damn hungry! Because I was based on site, I cant travel out to eat .

I did ask 2 Msian Indian where to eat, but they say they are going home to eat as they have car and they left me at site. Then I ask a chinese Msian where he eat, he say he got meeting then he left me again. I can sense that they dont want me to join them, as I am a noobs there I didnt make a fuss out of this matters. Then I ask a Indian accountant for food and he become my best fren at site since that day. His name is Arafat, he real nice & naive guy or I said honest!

I really hated those guys, especially the 2 msian Indian but I've learn to forgive. I really wanted to revenge for the way they treated me but after some cooling down; I come to realise that if i revenge than I would be like them or even worst than them as they show they really "kurang ajar" thus bring shame to their parents. From that day onwards I decided to help those friends who just started out in Tupai because I dont want them to go through the same suffering I been through!

"To Err is Humane, To Forgive is Divine".

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Baptism of Sand

It was around 10.30pm... I was tired physically and mentally after some really tough badminton session so I decided to drive through the sand. I thought it was okay, as there are tyres marking in the sand and the sand was seems shallow and compact with dim lightings. I was Sstuck.... My initial thought was "X&*%$@.... Oh God! Not Again!!"
This is not the first time I got stuck in the sand. A month ago, I stuck my yaris into the sand but manage to push it out with evil7 in the driver seat. This place is just about 100metres from my house, again I S.O.S ---> evil7.
This time we failed badly, in fact we dug ourself deeper into the sand.. I was like "Oh! Shit... how am I gonna work tomolo!!! We Msian got no experience driving in the desert so I gotta ask my German housemate for favours... I felt really bad as it's almost 11pm and mostly people are going to bed as tomorrow is a working day.
I can still recall vividly in my mind Johann first word "OH! JESUSsss... you dont stand a chance pushing this car out with our strength"... Again, my moral was being crush into pieces by this cruel but true words.
We went back to our house, found some iron chain and tried to pull the car out using his lancer but the chain broke together with my heart :( The chains purpose was for gym equipment instead of pulling car. It was made for human muscle but not machine... I am really an IDIOTzz!!!
This is how deep my tyre got into the sand... After numerous attempts to pull the car out failed and got stuck deeper and deeper. I felt like giving up. It was so embarassing when every car that pass by look at me as the idiot driver, as it's not enough that I have to get my frenss into sandy messy and figuring out next course of action. I really wanna dig myself into the sand and hide my head in there...

Then come Saal a UAE national, just of the age of 20 living opposite of this place. He gave us some suggestion, helps us push the car and even go the distance of kneeling down and dug the sand around the wheels. The locals never give us a good impression of their personality as they are known to be racist and arrogant. But this kid really changes my whole perception of their races, he thought I was china man but he came to help as well.

We tried pushing the car with three people, we tried pulling the car with another car, we tried dug out the sand around the wheel with out bare hand and we tried putting some bricks behind the wheel for some grips but nothing seems to work, it was almost hopeless…

Our Last resort... four of us take turn to jack the car up, dug the sand using our bare hand under the wheel and insert some bricks under the wheel… After an hour of hardship. y0! We got the car out... Thanxxx God! Is amazing that only in time of needs do we united, no wonder there are so many trial and turbulence in this world.
Ten Lesson Learn that Night
  1. There is no short cut in life.
  2. Don’t Assume (Ass U & me),
  3. Don’t think calm sand is no quick sand.
  4. Don’t always follow the path of others, it might not be yours.
  5. Friends are angels without wings. Only in time of needs, will you see they real form.
  6. Don’t condemn a whole race simply because of a few bad apples.
  7. You represent your country, races and family. Everything you do will reflect how others think of them.
  8. Be patient and think you will see the light. We are given brain to solve problems not to mourn.
  9. Get a cell phone with torch light; you never know when you gonna need it. (w810i got a very bright torch ligh!!!)
  10. If God got you into it, God will get you out of it. Trial and hardship is God’s tutorial to enhance us. Anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Jazz Jazz Jazz

After I finish fooling around with Yaris... I dump her hahaha :D
Yaris doesnt seems to be able to satisfy my HUGE Needsssss
y0! This is my new Girl Friends... Jazz.


  • Jazz is more powerful with her v-tec engine
  • more oil savvy than Yaris, after 100+km of travel the tank still show "Full" unlesss the indicator is spoil?
  • Better suspension system.. with the silk smooth road in tupai.. they need some everest high speed bump to slow your down.
  • Better suspension system come with better handling... now I can take sharp corner like Judy f1!
  • The most important of all, she is sexier than Yaris... maybe I just got bored with Yaris.. :p


  • Jazz is more spacious... better for after skool activity!
  • Better sounds system at the "moment" as I havnt "Boom" her speaker as I did to Yaris...
  • Interior of Jazz also of better quality than Yaris...
  • She also come with RPM with Yaris doesnt has..

Gotta thanks Yaris for satisfying all my lust all this while. As nobody likes to be a rebound partner so I dont intend to make Yaris suffer longer as my dream is always Jazzzzzz!!! But Yaris do has her strength too... As a newer product, she does come with few good attitudes:

  1. With her lighter body, she is a fast car if there are less passengers.
  2. For visual purpose, interior light will automatically switch on for a moment when you enter the car or once you stop the engine.
  3. There will beeping reminder when you didnt put on your seat belt or your front light is off.
  4. She is like a mobile cupboard with a lotta drawer!
  5. Her Speed metre and fuel indicator are located in the middle of the front dashboard instead of the driver side enable better concerntration on the road.
  6. I heard that her elder sister Yaris Sedan is more spacious but I havnt try out yet!
  7. Last but not least... she never fails me for this 63days being torture by me.

Thank you!!! Adios...