Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Musandam, separated from the rest of Oman by the United Arab Emirates, is the northernmost part of the Sultanate. Due to its geographical position and mountainous terrain it was isolated from the rest of Oman and the region developed at its own pace.
Tucked away into obscurity, overshadowed by the fantastic worldly splendours of Dubai, passed over by shipping routes, Musandam has always been a mystery. Perhaps this lack of knowledge, sprinkled with stories of fjords, mountains rising out of sea and the sultanate’s northernmost settlements has given rise to an almost mythical haze around the region. Not all of it is true.

Graded roads cut across the mountains have now made it more accessible. The grandeur of Musandam can best be explored by sea. There are lotta Mountain Hairy Goat here thus it was necessary to fence up the plant. I even saw some goats climbing TREE!!!

This tour takes us on an adventurous and exciting tour to the capital of Musandam, Khasab, a calm, fishing village and oasis, which overlooks the Gulf of Arabia and the Straits of Hormuz. Watch the traditional lifestyle of the fisherman and the Bedouins. As usual, everyone favourite past time is FOOTBALL!!!
Like Musandam, Khasab simplifies things for you, with very little choice. Chances are you'll find yourself at the Golden Tulip Resort Khasab: it's four-star luxurious, hosts Khasab Tours and Travels and a dive centre. Everything you need for base camp. A double bed room cost us Dhs500 + 17% tax. Damn expensive, I thought next time I would bring my own camping gear, just like last time :P
Your other option could be the Khasab Hotel, but then you would have to do without everything we gorged on at the Golden Tulip: gargantuan burgers with egg and cheese, sinful scoops of chocolate mousse and enough comfort to sink into after a long day in the mountains or at sea.
This is the cheap restaurant we had few of ours cheap lunch here... Is actually indian food. Quite tasty & cheap compare to Tupai.
There are two main experiences in Musandam: the sea and the mountains. There really isn't much in between, and your activities are spread thinly across – dhow trips, dolphin watching, diving, 4WD exploration and a bit of hiking. Although most of Musandam's terrain remains inaccessible.
Cyclone Gonu left trial of destruction like this "Coffee Shop" totally wash out by the storm. This is nothing compare to what Happen to Muscat where all the car piles up.The coast juts into the Strait of Hormuz and extends some 600 kilometres. Due to the Sssstrong Waves, the Beauty is being destroy & the water is muddy. There are some 2feets steps created from the waves.
I guess it will takes months before it restore to it natural state. When I came here almost a year ago, the beaches was pearl white & the water cyrstal clear.

These spectacular fjords have given the area a second name “The Norway of Arabia” The Strait of Hormuz is only 60km wide and does not exceed 60m in depth and is of strategic importance to Oman as 90% of all the Gulf's oil trade passes through this area.

Occasionally from the Road site, you can notice some Hairy Mountain Goatss climbing rocks & Jumping on top of the tree... These are breed goat which shelther is build among the rocks.

Unforgettable day cruising along the “Fjords of Musandam” on board a traditionally decorated Omani Dhow, where you can sit comfortably on cushions and carpets while feasting your eyes on the striking scenery. A Dhow trip to the fjords offers an insight into its fantastic landscape. For most, though, Musandam means the sea, and the only contact they have with land is the rock that rises out of water.During the Dhow cruise you can cruise into the Straits of Hormuz and discover different villages. Beside meeting a Giant (only able to capture the hand), there are small villages nestle along the tortuous shoreline, most of them only accessible by sea, like Lima and Kumzar. The Dhow is anchored at the famous Telegraph Island, where you can swim and snorkel in the clear waters. He is our pro divers (PADI licensed) Raymond from HK teaching evil7 swimming while molesting him. The water is clear but there is no fish :P. There is also the possibility to see dolphins during on the way. And on that day, the captain told us the chances are not that good since Gonu Cyclone has just past by. But we are so lucky to see at least 10 of them with 2 baby... Damn Cute. A buffet Lunch, refreshments, soft drinks and mineral water will be served and is included. And occasionally, you will see some naked guy sunbathing & showing off his body... U Jump... I JUmp... The Arabic wayss! Really cant understand their mentality. Everyone is down to bikini they still cover like winter clothing... :(
Using 4 Wheel Drive vehicles on a panoramic journey into the barren interior; we drive the mountain in Musandam. This tour will give you an opportunity to enjoy the dramatic scenery of Musandam’s mountains, speckled with fossils dating back several million years.This is a calm and peaceful mountain where one can cherish the beauty of Musandam in the plateau.A stunning view overlooking to Indian Ocean side, you will be surprised at the scenery here. Musandam, even up close, remains a bit of a mystery. What is certain is that it has potential, this nether region of forgotten rock rising out of sea. You must go there, even if it's just once, to experience it yourself and put to rest rumours and stories that only seem to come from others. The real story is yours, and Musandam is a blank canvas open to any way you might look at it.

Monday, June 11, 2007

When Fortune Smiles

This 2.7 liter 2TR-FE white Toyota Fortuner is consider as a mid-size sport utility vehicle instead of a 4x4. One of the best car I've driven so far, the only complain I had is that the aircon of this car isnt strong enough for this spacious vehicles. We rent this car at the rates of Dhs 1350 for 3days including Oman Insurances. It's fuel consumption for the whole trip is Dhs90 for 470km, quite moderate for a Giant!
I was entrusted to ride this gentle giant, what an honour! Hehehe, If I was to travel with my family I would be last to be given the oppurtunity to step on the paddle. My dad is vastly experience driver in all soil condition (except Desert), My bro is crazy about car & he is willing to drive none stop for 6-8hours (actually speeding) and the worst of all if I drive, my mum would scream like hysteria although I have experience driving almost all over the world & even left hand driving in Tupai. I guess my mum still consider me as the Baby boy... I never seems to be able to grow up in her mind.

This picture is taken infront of my house, a double storey semi-D, Fortuner seems double the size of my baby Jazz but she still seems small compare to my house owner Nissan Armada... with the a**hole as big as this you can even put a casket inside. 9am in front of Ray & Lil's house... With her down wide open she seems like some transfomer Robot.
12pm after crossing the border of Oman... Good Feng Shui back by the mountain facing the sea.
12.30pm... Parking in The Golden Tulip Hotel in Khasab, Oman... Good for parking as well! Not much of a hassle!
3pm... Near by Oman restaurant for lunch... Is really cheap compare to Tupai's food. They accept Tupai's $$$ as well.
5pm- Drive around the off-road Rocky mountain of Oman... A big Side screen, you can miss even the smallest gems.
6pm- Park near the Toilet of the beach... Front or back view, she looks majestics.

Front view... Fantastic wiper & water spray! I was damn scare that those rocks might fall down.

At the mountain! Phewww, I reach the top at last. Quite a powerful car althought it's only 2.7cc compare to her big brother Land Cruiser 4.5cc. I would like to own one, 90k for a new model!.. really need to think twice!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blue, Red or Green

Cyclone Gonu killed 15 people and left a trail of destruction in Oman. Having peaked as a maximum-force Category Five hurricane on Tuesday, It caused a lot of havoc in terms of high seas, rain, winds and floods. Twelve people were confirmed dead in Oman but the death toll could rise, relief officials said, as flooding was still hindering access to some areas. A disaster relief official in the south-eastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan said there had been damage to roads, infrastructure and houses.
I am not goint to let some storm stop me...
  • You choose the green pill, go straight into disaster.
  • You choose the Red pill, you dunno what behold you there.
  • You choose the Blue pill, I've been there before.

At last I choose the Blue Pill... at least save..

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Storm Rider

Muscat residents evacuated as storm clouds gathered. An unusually powerful cyclone has begun battering the coast of Oman with winds of 160mph (260 km/h) and large waves. Thousands of residents of coastal regions and the low-lying offshore island of Masirah have been evacuated. People elsewhere have been told to stay indoors, while schools and public buildings have been emptied to make room for the evacuees. Cyclone Gonu is bringing both strong winds and waves of up to 12m high (36ft), expected to be the strongest in 120years.

Low-lying areas have been evacuated. In the island of Masirah, 230km off the coast (140 miles), 7,000 people have left their homes. In the coastal capital of Muscat, people have been advised to stay indoors and to switch off their power. Schools have been designated as emergency shelters and the international airport is closed. The most powerful part of the storm was expected to hit Oman on Thursday, before moving north across the Gulf to Iran. While crossing the Indian Ocean on Monday it reached the equivalent of a Category Five hurricane - the highest category available.
Just receive an encouraging email from Raymond "you know water was submerged the road but it is never submerged our heart! go go Alan"...
I wont let temporary set back hinder my planning, I have been planning on this week Oman trip for the past month. I know there will be some obstacles but never imagine it can reach this size. I don't feel the need to brag or bluster, but other people may mistake that for meekness. I have nothing to prove, which is why I'm able to flout people's expectations so effectively. But, this time I gonna tell all before I go because I might not live to tell. I miss the Tsunami in Bali but I gonna ride the storm this time... I dont have another 120years left before I can meet her again.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Mamak Dubai

One man's garbage is another man's treasure, see things from another perspective. This restaurant is patronize by mostly low class Indian & Pakistani Labours but it's the closest things you have for a mamak stall. Sometimes I really thrist of Teh Tarik, but right now I can only satisfy my urge with a makeshifted one..

They dont called it mamak here... simply known as Ravi's Restaurant. There are some similarities between msia & dubai are their teh tarik taste and all of the workers there are from Indian but not their others menu. Food sold in this restaurant is more tradisional indina while msia is mix with local culture even chinese... After all 40% of the population here is Indian... 4million of 10mil (only 2mil are emiraties). My mum sure dare not to eat nor drink here because she always said those Mamakies never wash their hand after pees...