Saturday, September 29, 2007


Let's cut the long story short...
105km from Tupai to Border- 1hour
360km from border to Muscat - 4hours
Reach Muscat about 1pm,Extremely nice road and we met one nice Omani just after the border and he shown me the way to muscat (No Left, No Right... Go go Go) and invited us to visit his house but due to time constrain and the knowledge that there would be nothing to eat nor drink in his house during Ramadan so I decided to ciao.Situated on a cove surrounded by volcanic mountains, the town is connected by silk smooth road. 16th-century Portuguese forts overlook the town and those old wall, as well as some of its gates, still stand. The town's unusual architecture shows Arab, Portuguese, Persian, Indian, African, and modern Western influences. Every building is backed by the mountain and that's Good Fung Sui! Nice Road and nice landscape.Visit Malaysia Year 2007... Show that our Government is doing something. Not of them are slackers. If not visiting, at least those Omani know the name MALAYSIA. bravo... bravoo..
View from our hotel room. HOtel Marina... nothing to show cause it a budget hotel. As we unload our stuff from the car, a young Omani boy cycle pass us and greed us with "Hi how are you fine thank you". And that continous phrase printed on my memory forever. Why? Because it seems like he memorized the whole phrase without understanding a words.
We drive up the hills.. and the view of Muscat from top! Oman is all about Rocky mountain, I felt so at ease because I am a mountain Goat.Even the roads in the mountainous are super super smoothies.. love it! Like Inital D! There more than 5 "continous Fak Kap Wan here"… I am sure Tok Hoi would plum into the valley if he drive till his car "ting… ting… ting…". First of all to make the car Ting Ting Ting… you need to exceed 120km/h.Initial A: Tok Choi and "Hir" 86 stopped at the seaside after battling through those killer curve… Tok Choi definitely like curvy things :pAfter dinner of Seafood.... we have a tour in their small souk... No such things as the biggest nor grandest here in Muscat but it's give you more sense of belonging and calm. Relaxing!
Beautiful Man-made water features at the corniche... Muttrah corniche with its crystal clear water... the corniche line which is being made into such a magnificient landscape.
After...Cyclone Gonu heat Muscat, lot of beautification and renovation works is being down and upgraded. Muttruh cornice is the real sight and it’s worth the trip alone, especially at night with the lights reflecting off the water.
Evil7 & me taking Omani Coffee on the roof top of my hotel... Under the full moon and ocean wind, super super romantic. You are suppose to put the dates inside your mouth before drinking the coffee for there are no sweetener inside the coffee.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy the magnificent Muscat night because I got tired of all the driving all day long but I still manage to get a nice view from roof top of our hotel. Tough day fixed me to the bed and next day I gonna drive back Tupai again.our morning start rather early as there are wake up call from the nearby mosque! First things in my mind is the car because i dont feel easy having a tupai plated car in the middle of Oman overnight without guard.
A visit to the Fish souk in the morning is a just amazing experience. Fresh dates.... and those ah pek lelong in the middle of the market.Fishermen's families waiting for their love one to return from sea. Unlike Tupai, Oman arabs works as taxi drivers, fisherman and even labour. They are quite friendly and helpful... really feel appreciated as a tourist in this area. Big Fish... but dunno what fish... King Fish? Salmom? Open on all sides -one side to the water - so that all possible breeze is caught, the main fish hall is full of fish traders selling their catch, ranging from fish, squid and crabs
A Balinese Styled beach resort but only suitable for those “Ghost” sun bathing habit situated on the Boushar beachfront in Oman, where the crystal clear Gulf waters mirror the images of the glorious mountain ranges. Located roughly 30 km south of Muscat, The cheapest room would cost you Omani Riyal 14 = Dhs 1400 = Rm1400! The design give you a super relaxing feelings but the cost makes you wanna reap all those pillow, TV, carpet & even toothpaste from the hotel room
The only restaurant that serve food and drinks during fasting period is in Hotelsss and well did they serves; Arabic, Mediterranean, Asian & Indian cuisine. And we pay 13Omani Riyals per head for the most expensive breakfast in my life. I wouldn’t say the food is good but that’s the only things available during the RAMADAN month… Take it or leave with an empty stomach.
I am sure we miss a lot of activities, places and events in Muscat due to Ramadan Month and our short visit. But this is just the Beginning…
I'll be BACK!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Desert Safari

A must for everyone who is visiting Tupai because this safari you cant do back home. I was highly recommended by everyone who tried it and they said it will be worth every penny spent. Actually I had arrange this trip for Rudyman during his brief stopover in Dubai from Manchester to KL until that idiot decided to go to London to find British Big Boobs Blonde (BBBB). Luckily, I didnt book the Burj al-arab bunch in advance...
We are advised not to get our stomach too full before the Desert Safari tour but the Char Kouw Teoh at the Noodle House was simply irresistible plus the 50% discount we got from “The Walking Vouchers”, I don’t think any mortal man can resist the temptation. Besides having good food at a reasonable rate, there are simply too many pretty girls who are brought up with good nutrition in the restaurant making me forget how much I had consumed. Watch my back!!!
The tour begins when we are picked up by 4x4 wheels Drive (Toyota Land Cruiser) from Emirates Tower around 4.30pm. Just last night, I have my company dinner at the tower! Awesome interior finishes, the 2nd most famous building in Tupai after the Burj al-Arab (7.5star hotel)! Our tours guide cum Desert Basher of the day Raj a Shah Rukh Khan Fans! Beside us, there is another Kim Chi in the Jeep, and we make friends since all the girls like Corean!

It might look pretty in the photo but once you are in the Jeep, dune bashing is like riding a roller coaster, the different is that you have to put your trust on the driver instead of technologies but it’s not recommended for weak and sissy. There are at least 100 Toyota Land Cruiser in the Desert on that day and most if not all of them are “Tour Guide”. No wonder it’s known as “The King of the Desert” replacing the Camel, I guess? Poor Camel is out of job now. I doubt any others car can do what it did! It was scary at first but after you notice others Cruiser doing the same… you kind of get uses to it but it won’t stop you from grapping the car handle as tight as possible!

I learn a thing or two that day; “don’t buy a second hand 4x4 in Tupai”. The way they treat it seems like it will break into pieces in few years time. Still recall, my old company bought a 10years old Land Rover for 10k dirhams and of cause they thought they got a real bargain but they had to repair it for 10k dirhams but it still breakdown as often as woman has temper.

Sunset Photography… One Word Magnificent!
This is the first time I ride on something beside my Iron Horse. Riding a camel make remind me those beasts in the movies Lord of The Ring (LOTR). It will knee down to let you get on it. It was scary because I sat in the front and I felt like falling down the moment the camel get up and knee down. The view from the camel back is nice since I felt like growing ten feet in height but the scary part is that I am not in control.
A personal advice to all Male’s friend, make sure you hold the handle tight when the camel knee down or when it’s getting up because if not the process might crush your balls! After I watch Broke Back Mountain, I know being cowboy is hard but being a Sand cowboy is even harder not only because the animal stinks, its look ugly as well.
I am so lucky to know our korean fren Park on the jeep because of him I manage to understand this interesting conversation between this two korean kids and their mum. As we are waiting for our turn to ride the camel, the two kids mother who happen to stand in front of us ask her 2kids " Do you want to ride the came?". The kids reply "Dont want, we are very busy at the moment." as they busy digging the sand as shown in the picture.

Henna Painting. The artist is cute but I don’t really like the “Tattoo” but since it’s free, Why Not? I got a big Flower… & Lil’s a little one: p
Traditional costumes, didn’t try it on because it has been wore by thousand if not millions of people without washing! Imagine those sweating, hairy, dirty, maybe with disease Nigger wearing that cloth before you? You think this is disgusting? There are even worst…
Hubbllee Bubblee (shisha) is the most disgusting things I even seen in the whole UAE, its looks like drug addicts sharing a dose. I cant imagine why people want to suck a pipe that has been use time and time again probably by some AIDS patient who never brush his teeth in ten years, his moustache might has touch some shit before he start blowing the pipe and worst of the worst he might has foot and mouth infection!!! I know they change the “sucking point” every time a new customer comes but who knows if they really wash it? But to be scientific, all those germs and bacteria from those thousand if not millions previous suckers might have make a nest inside the whole thing for centuries!!

Food are serve as the Belly Dancer start charming the spectators. There are buffet dinner and B.B.Q. for Vegetarians and Non- Vegetarians. Nothing expensive nor weird on the servery since they know you can’t eat much after going through an hour of Sand Coaster ride! Non-alcohol drinks likes soft drinks, mineral water tea, coffee are free flow, drink till you drop your pants to pee! Arabic food are all grilled and not really to our asian taste.
Belly Dancing is the part I am eagerly waiting for, as I was told by everyone that the lady suppose to be super sexy and pretty. But to my deepest disappointment, our belly dancer is damn meaty or should I say Oily and not really pretty, but she cans sure dance and her boobs & boots is HUGE, without any “support” the Whole Meat must have drop to the ground. Her most sexy part is when she move, her fats seems to be moving like the waves of the ocean! Almost vomit! I must have chosen the wrong Tour Company!
Is time to refill the tyres to normal pressure, the pressure of the tyres are reduced during the desert bashing to give the tyre a bigger surface of grip and lower centre of gravity. Nevertheless, it was an AWESOME experience for Dhs 120… that really worth every penny! Belly dancing and alcohol are not provided with desert safaris during the annual Islamic month of Ramadan as this is the last week before Ramadan, Berdosa before it’s too late!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Emirates Palace

Men: What to have for lunch?
Women: Whatever…
Men: Why not we have Kfc?
Women: Don't want, eat Kfc later got pimples on my face
Men: Alright, why not we have Chinese cuisine
Women: Yesterday ate chinese, today eat again?
Men: Hmm..... I suggest we have Thai food
Women: Thai not good also, later I might get diarrhoea.
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: Whatever...
Men: So what should we do now?

Women: Anything
Men: How about watching movie? Long time we didn't.
Women: Watching movie not good, waste money only
Men: How about we go gym, do some exercises?
Women: Exercise in such hot day? Doesn’t u feel tired?
Men: Then we find a café and have drink
Women: Drink coffee will affect my sleep
Men: So, what you suggest then?
Women: Anything!!!

Men: Then we just go home lo
Women: You decide
Men: Let's take a tour around the city
Women: City is dirty and crowded. Don't want la
Men: Ok we go walk along the corniche
Women: So Damn hot
Men: Alright, then we go shopping
Women: So hungry, empty stomach how to shop?
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: You decide
Men: Let's have lunch first
Women: Whatever...
Men: Eat what?
Women: Anything
End up at The Emirates Palace (with a construction cost of over US$3 billion) the most expensive hotel ever built.
Much of the interior decor is in gold and marble. The main central area is particularly impressive with an expansive marble floor, balconies and a large patterned dome above, picked out in gold.
We pay lotta $$$ and got a chance to SHIT on Gold plated toilet and the most Grand hotel in UAE... Lotta people say this Hotel is even better than Burj Al-Arab (The 7star hotel) because of its originality while 7star looks very Fake!

The moral of the story is --->
Look around... if no ones here, just k*ll her....

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mederkabu Dahbi

We started our trip very early in the morning 7am! Just to celebrate our National Day & its the first time in my life I did that! See the excitement in Evil7's face, he is like a 7years old kid going to the theme park :p Can you sense how working oversea has instill patriotism in everyone? or rather we said we miss Msian Food and its FREE!!!

We reach AD about 9.30am! This is the MEGA Mosque in AD and it started construction 10years ago but there is no sign of its completion yet for this Mother of All Construction! It might not to be tallest nor biggest but if its takes more than 10years to build in the modern era, when its complete it sure gonna be Something SPECIAL! Maybe to Taj Mahal standard?

We arrive at the Msia Embassy exactly 1hour late... All those PETRIOTs has sang the SONG & sapuh all the satay!!! The one I circle with RED is my ex-boss & the BLUE is his wife! We talk some bullshit to each others and hold each other hand tightly as we are brothers! so "emotional" but Evil7 dont give him a Damn! Met the Queen and other ex-colleuage as well, quite a "Peaceful" reunion this time!

You know why I know we are late? Because all those satay has been sapuh & the worst case scenario is when my ex-boosss 6children (3boys + 3girls) cant finish and throw it on the floor. Seems that Lil's sole intention to get a Msian Satay on a Msian day can be materialize! She was Heart Broken!

Luckily, The Ambassodor reserve some for the VIP! And Lil manage to charm him to spare us some, as we travel all the way from Tupai. This is the FIRST Tea Tarik, Nasi Lemak, Satay and Kuih Nyonya we haD in 6 months time.... y0 y0 y0!!!

Just to make sure I show our Fren in Msia where did their TAX money being channel to... Our Group wag those Flag proudly as our PETriotic face being put into a motionless colour outside the Embassy big door!

Sand Stuck Again!!!

Speechless.... The 5th time! Trying to battle the sand only this time really deep shit because we are late for works and stuck in deep sand! The brand new Honda Civic which is 2 months old has been stuck twice! Dont wanna say much just let the picture tell the Sad story! Pay the indian volunteer just Dhs10... money not the problems but the car damn HURT!