Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Indian Food

The cheapest restaurant food one can find in Dubai is Indian Food. There are similarity between Dubai's Indian Food and our Mamak's food, after all they come from the same source *INDIA*. One of my fave hang out places is this Restaurant, especially after badminton session at Burj. Usually it cost us less than 20dirham/per pax each time... consider cheap for Dubai standard.Nasi Bryani is generally come with every dishes- bryani chicken, bryani mutton, bryani fish & etc. Its very oily, Too oily for my taste and usually I can still smell the taste of Bryani the day after I had the meal. That's why I always said, eat too much Bryani till Tidak Berani to eat anymore.Ever wonder how our Roti KLCC, Roti LRT, Roti-Roti names make it to Msia? I persumed it must have started in India too... Those Mamak must has brought it to Msia. Anyway... Drinks here are much more colorful with variety of names too...Giving names to those Drinks are the easy part... making it colorful is the hard part. No sure how the mix 3colors into a drink without the color mixing up. This kinda drinks are for those with a Sweet Tooth... from the look also know its all Sweet UP!
I aint gonna miss Dubai Indian's Food, but I gonna miss it colorful decoration!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

KL Tour

Recently Trev & Lor stopped over at KL on their way to Hong Kong so I took them around town to see2 look2... I thought it will be boring affairs since nothing in KL really interest me... Anyway it was my chance to be little ambassador for Msia...
But boy... it was nothing such as Boring working as a *Part* time Tour guide... It took me to places where i havent been to for Years... I mean Years... Never in my imagination did I think KL Twin towers can be this BEAUTIFUL... It aint cheap but it sure beautiful... I have seen many impressive building all around the world but The Twin Tower Night Scenes.... AWESOME!

Whenever I think of Batu Caves... Its scary because everytime I passed through that road ---> MASSIVE TRAFFIC JAM!!! But I was lucky that day... it was clear-- clear--- clear... clear road, clear weather & clear of crowds... I have only been into Batu Caves once and that was almost 20years ago. I was too young to appreciate the uniquness Batu Caves.

Before Trev&Lorr reached KL, they have enough warning of *insecurity* in msia. Shame to admit that crime rates in Msia is at a worrying level but its also important to inform foreigners especially friends about potential dangers. Luckily, I didnt have to elaborate much about Msia's crime as they have been well informed in Dubai by MSIAN frens... LOL! I was worried about myself too, I know I have lost the *alertness* about my surrounding as Dubai is largely crime-free. Beside them learning about Msia, I learn a thing o 2 about HK too. Hongkies found it funny that Msian can simply come up with *creative* signboards. For me, ah longs are the most creative fields in Msia. I should have kept few Ah long's name cards to show those hongkies; Written in english- provide tution but in chinese provide loan, whore & pwan! LOL!Initially, they werent very interested to travel to Genting but I cant think of others places which might interest them. They are from HK & work in Dubai, so shopping & shopping malls in msia are no match to the 2 mighty shopping heaven. Contrary to their views of Casino Land like Macao... Genting offer much more than just *betting*; there are amusement, shopping, theme park & etc. DIVERSIFY is the word to describe Uncle Lim Visiion!Next I took them all the way to KLANG, to taste the Real BAK KUT TEH! They have been taking packed Bak kut teh in Dubai & also recently *Ajinomoto-ed Singapore Version of Bak Kut Teh*. Its only right to let them taste the Original Taste Bak Kut Teh... Oh yeah! Goodanee... Support Original. Further more they have never seen *food shops* like that in HK... Talking about Food, Hongkie has never taste Kaya before... LOL! Sometimes, we need some outsider to let us know our *specialities*!
I thought there were no Fryfly left but anyway I drove them all the way to Kuala Selangor. Wooot! It was awesome there were so many flyflies, I looks like a row of X'mas trees. Maginficient sights. For all they have seen in KL; KLCC, Genting, Satay, Bak kut teh- nothing more memorable than FlyFlies... I have been there 7-8years ago and I was impress too! Fryfly do visit me regularly at night in SDK home but to see them in thousands making row of X'mas trees lookalike... That was AWESOME!
I wont have notice so many interesting places within Klang Valley if not for Trev & Lorr!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Return to Say Bye2

Boarded a almost empty MAS airline from KLIA to Dubai... the stewardess told me that was only 30 passengers on boards. The same TV-less plane I boarded with MAS DUbai-KL & vice versa. I make an official complain this time as their airfare isnt cheaper either but provide no personal entertainment... MAS!!!
Beside the *no personal entertainment system* we also gotta stopover in karachi, pakistan... not a safe place to land not even for an hour stopover! Most of my ex-colleague request to be transfer back to Msia... KARACHI is almost a WARZONE now...
Rented a car in the airport... booked online at a much more cheaper rates. got myself a Toyota Yaris (Vios) manual. MANUAL... that was a challenge for me... 2nd time drive a left hand side manual... the 1st time was about a 15min drive... my UAE driving license is for auto-car but the rental company didnt notice so i took it anyway... no wonder its so cheap because manual car got low demand... nevertheless renting a car is much more cheaper than taking a cab in dubai...
The same *OLD* building in dubai... nothing special for me... has been here for 3years... so it was kinda bring my parents over to see2 look2 & settle some of unfinish business... As usual my paretns were impressed by the 7lanes road of dubai... & lot of people must have left dubai as the roads were mostly empty even at peak hours... queue at the immigration also empty... now Dubai looks a Msian version of putrajaya... UNDER UTILIZED!!! took my papa & mama to the outskirt... to let them see what dubai looks like 15years ago... Wow... boy the weather was HOT! 46c MAX.... I always wonder why Dubai's SUN seems bigger than Msia's SUN? Air-con bus stop... the ultimate shelther during this 4months of HEAT waves... if there is one in msia... the same day the Air-con would have been stolen. The world tallest structure is still under construction.... wonder if they gonna complete this THINGS when the economy is so down... Abu Dhabi make a PANCAKE building.... this PANCAKE is huge... maybe they got the idea from KLCC Jagugn look alike strucure... maybe MSia shall start a Durian lookalike Mall? Although, Burj al arab (the self proclaim 7stars hotel) is the most famous structure in UAE but most visitor would agreed that Abu Dhabi Emirates Palaces ( also a hotel) are much more beautiful. Sammy is still there even after all the campgain to free her... Sammy is a whale shark caught near UAE water for the sake of *Education*! Pix from top of UAE... the tallest mountain Habeel Jaffet... I dunno why but I like this pix very muchi... maybe of the vastnest of land? this hotspring is not popular during the summer but during winter... it was the HOTSPOTS! This is DATES in its ori form... very oily... same family with our oil palm.. Burj al arab as always... Everyone who never been to dubai will ask about it... Beautiful... yes it is...

empty airport... empty road... Dubai at it worst... gh0st t0wn?