Friday, March 30, 2007

Don't Mess With AirS.........

You think this dog is cute? This is Ginger a 1.5years old husky... She gonna be the star of the night instead of the birthday boy Vincent on 23rd March 2007.

This is her owner on the left. a sporean staff emirates airline talking about Dog care, while China's Federer @ Zin Dan not Lin Dan touching and admiring Ginger's asss.. As the Chinese saying goes "3 6 kuan, san sin to lan yan" (Not even the angels can resist the boiling smells of dog meat). Wondering what spice to put??

This are the emirates airline staffs.. After spending something like 5 hours in the BBQ area, A park ranger travelling in a golf car ( that guy is really FAT, i wonder if he can walk) ask us to leave the park as PETS are not allowed in the park. Well! They let de dog in at the entrance in the first place, now they ask us to leave because of the dogs. Maybe those people who guard the entrance doesn't know much as later I do read in the sign board.. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED..

We sneak to another beach to continue our party.. My w810i failed me miserably here. About 15minute later the fattie caught up with us once more.. as he dared not to come near us( maybe of the dog, as Muslim cant touch dog). We ignore him and continue our birthday song and candle blowing before we walk out of the beach. This really piss the fattie off.. this time he has called the police and requested us to give him our passport.. Phew!! There is about 15 of us and we told them we left our documents in the car and he allowed few of us to go out of the park to retrieve it. The fattie left and ask two Ah Cha "Indian" to guard us. Then one of the gals called the emirates airline staff support for advice and we are told to run so that they wont be more trouble for us.

With everyone carrying stuff for BBQ, container, water, rubbish, mattress and etc. Is was kinda hard to run but we did walk fast and the two Ah Cha cant do anything as we out number him " some more you know la, nowadays gals are very fierce one..!!" We run through this beautiful part of the park and I stop by to take some pic.. hahaha!! cool le..

The dog can sense our insecurity and its seems ready to protect the owner as I can hear her breathing become fierce and she even tried to bite those Ah Cha.! lucky she didn't if not we would be in deep shit. During the runaway we saw the fattie on the golf car and we hide under the bush for a while before continuing the escape. After we left the park, only did the police arrive.. Phew..!! close called.

We escaped and gather at a frens house for head count.. I run fast and drive fast..kiasi.. reach there first before the owner arrive.. so have to wait outside.

It was my first experience to runaway from authorities in Tupai, is not the same as in Msia as this place is foreign to you and law here are ISLAMIC law.. kinda making my adrenaline pump. IN Msia I nothing to scare.. because I am the earth worm there. But it is totally our fault as the fattie has given us the first warming before calling the police.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Death March

Is about 8am in the morning of 20 feb 2007. This road is infront of Cruel Angel's nest and its gonna lead him to some place 400Km away!! leaving with a 100tonne heart.!! cause he knows it will be years before he come back.

This is Cruel Angel's Nest a.k.a. Sandakan (The City of Nature), where he learn to walk, run, jump, ponteng, smoke, drink, curi ayam, kap lui and play ballzzz. It was also once known to be the place with the world's highest concentration of millionaires during high time of BalaKing. Not me ah.. I just cut grass only..

Those are not my car, I just wanna show the number plate of Sandakan is SS.. most of those car here are 4x4 cause of those poor road.. " Where has all those Balak money gone???"

The Sandakan Death Marches are the most infamous incident in series of events which resulted in the deaths of more than 6,000 Indon civilian slave and Allies P.O.W., held by the Nippon during World War 2. Of all the prisoners held at the camps, only about 6 survived the war. See!! told ya.. CA is tough cause he grow up tough!!

After all those Hongkie & West Msian cheat all de Balak money away, CA's nest is becoming a "old folks town".. as super hero like CA has to leave for greener pasture to earn a living. But luckily The Palm is back to save It... y0 y0 y0!! Felt like hugging those palm tree and kissing it.. This small town gotta spirit of CA.
This land is what is left for CA and his people after all those heartless DEVIL took all those balak money away.
This is CA home... although the house is old but it store thousand of meaningful memory for CA. He manage to save some money and buy an air-con for his family. Those heartless people who took all those balak money from CA's nest please give back to him.. he need it urgently!!!! If you dont pity him also pity those staying inside this old wooden house.

After 4 hours of journy and 250km away..

Kundasan was the terminus of the infamous Sandakan Death March... It is believed that almost 4,000 Indonesians, 1,381 Australians, and 641 British prisoners died at, or between, Sandakan and Ranau. Scary road ah!!! I have travel this road at least 4 times a year for the past 20yrs...

This is the town of Kundasan, is kinda village or mountain side town about 1300m from sea level. It is located just 6 kilometres away from Kinabalu National Park and is renowned for its vegetable market which is open seven days a week. It is the closest village to Mount Kinabalu and has a panoramic view of the Mountain. It is populated mainly by the native Dusun. Almost 100% shops are operated by locals.Beside the main road vegetables wholesalers can be found in a long row of wooden gerai. Bulk buyers come from all over the state of Sabah, Sarawak and even Brunei for the fresh harvest. Pick up trucks are seen laden fully with harvest from the farms nearby the valley and delivered to the stalls. Passing tourists and travellers also stop by the road for shopping at a good bargain. The stalls are open 7 days a week. Sometimes you can also see some leng lui buying stuff here.. kekeke!!

This 2 kids are kundasan native but they seems IN leii.. better dress than me!! Dont think because they are native they are naive.. they are rugged too.

Gunung Kinabalu is a prominent mountain in Southeast Asia. The mountain and its surroundings feature a huge variety of flora, and is one of the world’s most important biological sites.The main peak of the mountain (Low's Peak) can be relatively easily climbed by a person with a good physical condition, and requires no mountaineering equipment. Other peaks along the massif, however, require rock climbing skills.

I think this is Rose Cabin, my mum fav stop over for lunch for every trip.

This medal proof that I reach the top of the mountain once,, I think it was in form 4.. that was 12years ago and 25kg less. hehehe

6 hours after the journey start, it ended here in KK.

Kota Kinabalu, often simply known as K.K., is well known within Malaysia, and to an extent, internationally, as a tourism getaway and a major gateway into Sabah and Borneo.

After 2 days in KK, I left for KL.. this is the run way of KK international aiport.. Sad sad picture to look at.. is so empty..

The story begins in the land below the wind.
The mountains’ road seems like endless, cold wind seems like loveless, and It seems hopeless.
You can’t tell that the wind chimes never sounded, it was my exasperation.
My desert is far away from your present, there is no rain and my heart has become dry.
You are my snow in the desert. The snow never falls in the desert. I still wait for you to come.
Wearing your favourite white, it shows purity and your flawless love.
Your present in my heart brings the rain and transform sorrow into a poem.
De palm tree move by the wind, seems as if its waving, but you still far away.
Covered by time, the flower that you said would blossom has become emptiness.
Awakened from my dream, by the aircraft’s window with the bright sun shinning on my face.

My chances are as thin as the cloud and can’t withstand being torn by the aircraft’s wings.
I am going to a place few thousand miles away; your image is silent, black and white.

Perhaps a love so far apart shouldn’t exist in this silent generation.
I am going to the land beyond the desert, where will you be?
It’s hard to predict now and forever. I will use my whole life to wait.
Awaken by your voice; I search for you, but only get more empty hopes.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Baywatch (The Tupai Edition)

Last friday is my fren Vincent birthday, so we went to the creek to have BBQ at the beach site. Most of the gang members are QSs and a few emirates airline staff.. I have been waiting for this day to come because the last time I have something like dat going on. I dont have a camera with me, my Main target is not any of my Girls Fren but those "ACTION at the beach" that I really wanna put into picture and words.. Thanxx to my w810i, now i have a full action camera.. as they said a picture express a thousand words.

This is the main entrance of Al-Mamzar Park. Nothing is free here. Entrance fees for one head is Rm5. There are all kinda nationality here, arabs, caucasion, chinese, pinoy & etc. actually there are like 200++ nationality in Dubai.. so there will be lotta mix action going on!!!! hohoho..

Dubai is indeed a well organize place.... the location map for each facilities are shown at the sign board & there are located almost everywhere. The park is so big, someone might get lost..

Money makes wonderss.. this is just a small portion of greens in this desert.!

Here it goes again!! Rulezzzzzzzzzz.... hahaha

Those are Ang Moh.. sun bathing.. really wanna Zooooooom my camera nearer but with its limited power... it was hopelessss... :( I am going to buy a new camera..

This is the watch tower, I stay there for half an hour but see no sign of PAMELA ANDERSON, I was I left the beach.

This beautiful white flowerss give me hope that There are BIGGER things out there than pamela...

This bunch of tan & tan (Pakistani) are sitting next to our BBQ area.. people here are real holy as you can see some of them praying in the open.. there will be some picture to show how holy are this tan & tan..

I am not fat just a piece or two meat more than usual, the guy on the right is what we call FAT!

Ever wonder how the Arab guyss go swimming? I wish to take their naked picture but afraid that they would make me become their wife.. Thos white robes are their clothing.. if they didnt put a guard there.. i would have burn all those cloths..

Two Arabs romancing under the coconut there... in FULL NINJA uniform. They are also horny people....

My intention is clearly on those 2 arabs girls not the jet ski.. Arab woman are the prettiest..

The next Saddam Hussein? The boy seems like he wanna conquer the world.. Maybe i should have push him into the sea before he become one..

Ever wonderss how those NINJA sun bath.. aiy0! wear like that better go home la.. BTW, on the left is the big tummy of mine. I risk my life taking this picture.. I might be stone to death if they notice.. phew!!

This is my hero.. who said chinese cant court ang moh.. This guy give me hope.. i see the future in him

At night fall, i realise the short coming of my w810i camera.. it sux! Like this guy in the pic, my fren!!.. China's Pak Liong Kam. Sharing food with the husky!!! Trying so hard to impress those stewardess with his tenderness, ... really hardcore!!! SALUTE SALUTE SALUTE!!

All day long, I was waiting for this.. Those Holy Tan&Tan are famous for this action of theirs...See how the way they show their appreciation of the opposite sex or the husky?? I wish I have a better camera with me cause I miss most of those night action!! Maybe Holy and horny sounds the same to them!!!

This husky dog is own by a fren of mine.. her dog will be the story of the day as PETS are not allowed in the park..