Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sandakan New T0wn

There are lot of abandon homes in Sandakan. Places used to be "Beverly Hills" of Sandakan has become Illegal Immigrants Hideout. No Sandakian dare to stay in these places anymore and even jogging late in evening is a scary journey.
20 years ago, this place is consider romantic and many older generation used to "pak toh" here but now has to lock up to prevent theft of the "steel" handrails.
Sandakian has given up on the old town, there used to be few steamboats restaurants on trig hill but now left only one.
I was surprised by the numerous ongoing construction activities in the town centre, especially near the waterfront areas. This sounds like opportunity for my return to homeland!
The new wet market is quite magnificient although nothing to Dubai magnitude but it still impressively Clean!
One of the major developer in Sandakan is IJM and their new double storey house now cost up to 300k. Using Donald Trump tactics of selling the 1st phase cheaper and 2nd phase much more expensive, indirectly jack up property prices in sandakan. They succesfully "produce" a so called Real Estate Industry Market in Sandakan.
Some of Sandakan 0ld bangalows has been turn into money-spinning-machines, like The English Tea House and Agnes Keith House but most are beyond repair as their has been robbed to the bone by Illegal Immigrants to build their Huts!

Sandakian although lack the Fund$ but we have the will with lot of wooden extension are build along the shores as restaurants. Sandakian finally find out ways to utilize our Sea Breeze!

The most famous construction site in Sandakan is this piece of land belong to one of the infamous legendary Balak-King. Located at the busiest traffic junction in sandakan making people wondering what is he planning. The site has been no development for 5 years or so and there is rumour that it be build as hotel at last.

Mile4 is the new happening centre in Sandakan. This is the busiest pub in Sandakan because of its good location where anyone can see everyone and anyone can be seen everyone.

Believe it or not! Sandakan actually own the first connecting bridge in Malaysia, way before KLCC Twin Towers. Located at mile2 it has been there before I was born... Sandakan B0leh!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dubai Tennis 0pen 2009

Four of the world’s top ten players will not be playing in Dubai Open 2009 contradict to earlier report stating they will be here. Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Nikolay Davydenko allegedly injured but Andy Roddick decided not to protest against UAE decision not to grant Israeli Shahar Peer visa. I dont really care if they came but I really wanna take a photo with Andy Ram the Only Israeli to enter an Arab country officially.
For the past 17 years the event was held inside the Aviation Club, inside the club locate the Irish Village, one of my favourite pub. One of the oldest and "green" place in Dubai.
the Aviation club is bigger than I thought, there are many facilities, shops, restaurants and many tennis courts inside it.
First Lesson... Cannot enter if the match is ongoing, has to wait for play to stop before enter. Distract Players wow!
So Lcly, I go other courts see-see look-look! Go to those back lane courts to see other not so famous players lol.
Liangmoi might not know him but he is famous.
Michael Lammer is his name... He is Roger Federer roomates. LOL! He stay at Federer home in Dubai and they known each others for 15years.
I know none of the players on that day because its a qualifying rounds which is FREE and open to public. That's why i go lol!
If anyone walking in the stands, the empire will say "Please be seated!"
Eye opener... 1st ATP tour Xperience

Thursday, February 19, 2009

They Own Sandakan

Sandakan need no UMNO, MCA, MIC, DAP, PKR or PAS, Sandakan only need STC!

The best place to witness the perfect harmony of Sabahan + illegal immigrants from all walks of life and races is at 4D centres like STC. Nobdoy complain about having to queue in a smelly, dirty and crowded place because all of them concretrate 100% on the same goal- to buy tickets for 4D. No.1 Sandakan UNITED!
The 2nd most United place in Sandakan is the Snooker Centres. When Krishan Tan said we can unite through sports, he must had first hand experience in Sandakan Snooker centre.
$nooker centres are the place where all those International Snooker "Champions" from Msia, Phillipine & Indonesia pit against each others with LITTLE side bets from onlookers. This is the way f0rward! STAY UNITED!

Illegal immigrants aka “fui chung” are plentiful and Nobody knows what to do with them. They are everywhere, every election's promise to flush them out seems to be Talk 0nly. They are a menace to sandakan.

THEY left their children on street and these Street Kids are very daring going around town asking for money. Famous for THEIR high production rates, it wont be long before Sandakan is taken over by those Sandakan-born-illegal-immigrants (SBII). Some said, we should help them but why? We have lot of native Sabahan kids that havnt receive help!
Most of them make a living through legal means like sewing cloths, repairing shoes but the way they occupy the walkway of Sandakan Town make the town look dirty. They eat & shit at the same place. Almost every stairs steps are occupied with "profesional" sewists. I respect their endurance working in such harsh condition; smelly, hot and dirty.

Any unoccupied staircase corner is made into open toilet! Sibei Smelly, so its either occupied with illegal immigrants or illegal immigrant's pees. Its the same with Sandakan Town Business, either you do Fui-chung business or no business!

Literally translate as “Hand phone can borrow money”, a service exclusively available in Sandakan Town. Ah Long Business grow like mushroom after rain, I wonder who are the one actually borrowing from them?

High tech walkway traders are on the rise in Sandakan, where "handphone experts" sell their expertise to repair handphone. Shoes repairers and sewist has been in the town for as long as I can remember but Handphone repairers, that's new. Modernity has finally catch up with Sandakina.

In sandakan, one can pay their parking fees directly to those who write the resit? Sounds like this system is open for abuse, anyway this has been going on for ages. Buaya2 has been accepted by Sandakina and part of our culture.

Before sunset, everyone must leave town because The Night belongs to THEM!

THEY rulezzzzz the night from every corner of the street to the coast!

Few years ago, there isnt anyone else beside THEM in Town at night but now come a bunch of Golden Hair Species that are "Daring" enough to shop at Genting Mas.

The problem for this Species with Golden Hair when shopping in Sandakan is that they couldnt find the BRAs with the right size!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God of Fortune

The white hair beggar or some like to call him “Choy Son” (God of Fortune) but for me he is a daytime robber who use Chinese’s Chinese New Year Superstitious believe that only blessing words should be used during that period but younger generation do not give him a damn. Some even chase him away… LOL!

The white hair guy has been begging for money every Chinese New Year at least for the last 20 years. He must be getting ten of thousands ringgit every year.

The “Choy Son” roll has been taken up from Non-Chinese too but this non-Chinese “choy son” dunno about custom. He even go beg for “ang pao” from coffee shop. Spoilt the market!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Legendary Kampung Adidas

This is the legendary Kampong Adidas, the best shoes for climbing the majestic Mount Kinabalu. Anyone who climbed Mt.Kinabalu should have experience being taken over by women potters carrying a gas tank at her back. All of those super fit potters wore a pair of Kampong Adidas.
These shoes are made of 100% rubber with it studs, it give them an excellent grips on any ground conditions. This shoes cost less than RM7!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sandakan Breakfast

For 13 straight days I had Lemon Teas during breakfasts and that's straight from the moment I touched down on Sandakan "International" Airport at 10am, 24 Jan 2009 till they day I left Sandakan at 10.30am 5fen2009. Lemon Tea is a delicacy that can only be found in Sabah. I definately had more than 13 cups of Lemon Teas because I will try to have it whenever I can, during 10am Yam Cha, 2pm Yam Cha & supper... Supa!
And also for 13days... I have "Siu Yuk" + "Kon Low Men" for breakfast. Revenge of the Dubain on "Siu Yuk"... Oh Yeah! Although there are Pork in Dubai but there isnt anything like Sandakan Siu Yuk. I tasted Lemon Tea & Siu Yuk Kon Low Men in more than 10 restaurant and all of them taste Goodaneee!