Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Da Shi Dai

This is my master’s favourite Restaurant - Da Shi Dai, its name means Big-Time-Era in Chinese. She likes the foods so much so she always takes me there at least once a week. It happens that as a Fitness First member we entitled a 15% discount, if not I wouldn’t have afford such restaurant everyday.

The kitchen is open to diners view to ascertain their doubt about the restaurant cleanliness. All the waiter and waitress are very polite and there are multi nationalities of them. My favourite waiter is a Niger because his hair is very cool, looks like predator’s hair and his voice sounds like reggae singer.
As usual I would order a pot of Chinese tea first before I look at the food menu. There are varieties of drinks available but their Chinese tea is number one in the whole UAE and the teapot they use are of the latest technology, something like 2in1 teapot.

There are varieties of Chinese food here from fried, baked to Clay pot but my master favourite is the Dim Sum. There is no pork in their Dim Sum so they use prawn and scallop as replacement. My master enjoy all the Dimsum but her favourite are Scallops Sui-Mai, Chicken, sticky rice in lotus leaf and Coriander dumplings. Just like my master, I also enjoy all the food buy my favourite is Chu-Chueng-Feung wtih Crunch prawn and also Cha-siu-bao, although the bao isn’t made of Pork but they still taste good.

If we are having dinner we would usually order something else like Hammour, eggplant, tofu & spicy sauce in clay pot, Sliced Beijing duck, steam pancakes & sweet plum sauce. There are over 60 types of dishes in the menu and there are special dishes on weekends. The dishes are serve in small portion so we can taste few types of dishes each times.

There are two things I am sure taste better than anything I could find in Malaysia, is its Turnip cake and Xo sources. I was told that XO source are named “XO” because of the expensive ingredient use to produce it which I believe include shrimp, scallop and etc. This is the most Malaysianed Chinese Restaurant in UAE… the rest are more China-ed restaurant.