Friday, May 30, 2008

Things "not to do| in Tourist spot

Dont show your big Ass!
Dont try to look cool!

Vienna in my Eyes

Vienna is known as the City of Music thus seeing lotta young musician showing off their skills on the street is normal.
LIL really want one of this scooters... Human are getting lazier, holiday also dun wanna walk!

This couple was dancing while waiting for green light at Zebra Crossing!
Behind the angry faced lady in red, is a Muslim lady. There are lotta Muslim and Indian in Vienna as well!

When you see this! You know summer is officially back!
A young musician looking for inspiration...

Young Musician being stepped on
Kids in Europe are lucky to be able to travel at such a young age.

Vienna the music centre of the world but definately not fashion.

I forgot what this activity is named where a bunch of strangers gather together to stop moving for 4 minutes at certain times and place.
How to breath?

This girl looks like Jennifer Garner...
Hot Mum...
Too Hot to be a mum!
Summer is too HARD to be handle!

High!! Hi!! High!! Hi!!

Guess! Guess what is this woman doing?
She was "Relaxing" beside "The Great" Austria State Opera House...
This is the 2nd time I seen something like this in Vienna...
I was wondering what happen to her, she seems like fainting but nobody give her a damn... so after some time I figured out that she is HIGH!
Her action was slow... slow... slow... and without purpose and after 15-20minutes she slowing pick herself up!

City Bikes Wien

Bicycles are a very popular form of transpiration especially with rocketing fuel prices and congestion problems; bike will get you from A to B quicker than anything else in the city. They have many advantages over cars. Environmentally friendly (no exhaust fumes, no noise) they are a good way of keeping fit as well. They require little space so traffic jams are never a problem. No need to look out for parking space either.
All this has made the City of Vienna decide to raise the share of bicycles in overall traffic to eight percent. A bicycle-friendly atmosphere is to help make bicycles an everyday means of transport. Bicycle path network was more than 1,050 kilometres long.

Bicycles are allowed on the underground from 9 am to 3 pm and after 6 pm on weekdays, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Half-price tickets at EUR 0.90 each are required for transportation.

There is also Bike for rent for tourist. Introduced in 2003 City Bikes Vienna, first hour is free but not the rest! There are 50 bike stations throughout the city, open 24 hours day, seven days a week.

Tourists Spot Czech

What is a Tourist Spot?
A place for Tourists to spot
A place to spot tourists?
My defination of Tourist Spot is definately... "The place to spot tourists!"

Taking photos required pratices and I snapped more than 1000 pictures during the trip.

Tourists are the most interesting subject in a Tourist Spot because...

Tourists make themselves look stupid!

Tourists like to take photo with "Lut Got". That stupid fellow stand there whole day long and thousands of women took pictures with him! %^&**(*(!

Culture Syok! After spending 2years in Dubai where lot of action are illegal... I am really Syok!

Doing it openly for 30minutes Syok me to the spine...


Monday, May 26, 2008

Prague K9

I was told there are lotta Vietnamese in Prague but Czeckia dont really enjoy the present of Vietnamese, in fact Czekias are one of the less friendly european I ever met. I just wonder if their "friendlyness" has anything to do with their country being The Most Conquer in the world, some say 12times, some say 14times but that doesnt matter because they will still be Number 1, maybe for the rest of civilzation. After years of being conquered, they would assume that all Foreigners are here to conquer them. In fact it was true to certain extend, Men from all over Europe came and conquered their women... Bangkok of Europe!
Vietnamese and Czekia used to share the common ideology "Communism" but Czech has convert to Democracy over a decade ago but both of them still share the same love for dogs, just their LOVEsss are shown in different way.
Dont you hate dogs? They pee & shit everywhere, I am not a dog lover because I see no point in picking up some else shits especially a dog shits!
During the construction of Putrajaya, a lotta Vietnamese labourers were employed and Putrajaya were cleared of Stray dogs, most if not all ended up in the Vietnamese Labourers' pot! Just wonder if this is the reason Vietnamese are not welcome in Prague.
Dogs can be irritating especially when you gotta share the same train and restaurants with one of them. The Idea of Dogs being part of the family just doesnt seems get into my head!
Every dogs will have its day!
This one surely do.... an effective way to make the Vietnamese lose their appetite!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Train Trip Vienna - Prague

Our initial choice is to search for flights from Dubai to Prague and the only one available is Czech Airlines. Although “Dubai – Prague” route is shown on its website but there are no flights available at all, so we decided to drop by Vienna then took the train to Prague. This trips don’t come cheap either, 120 Euro per person for a return trip just because we bought it during peak season! It was suppose to cost 40Euro during other season… money gone liaw!

Beside our LRT, this is my first train experience. Kekeke… but don’t worry next time when I am back to Sabah, I will take the local trains at least once.

The sceneries were beautiful…

It was the perfect escape from the desert.
We were at the right place, at the right time…

Spring! When sun flower blossomed and changed the landscape into yellow mellow fields.
I would say 120Euro… worth it!
Four hours of extraordinary journey, it was like travelling in fairy tales land

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Prague: The Most Beautiful City in Europe

It was Lil’s dream to visit Prague because someone told her that Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe. Lil’s sister started to work in Prague early this year, we have been planning to “visit” her.

My words wont do justice to this city which most would consider one of the most beautiful in Europe so I decided to quote from reputable website.

“Prague is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is among the most visited cities on the continent. Though it suffered one large bombing raid during the Second World War, it largely escaped the utter destruction which befell so many European cities during that period and emerged largely intact. Since 1992, the extensive historic centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. According to the Guiness World Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. Nicknames for Prague have included "the mother of cities" (Praga mater urbium, or "Praha matka měst" in Czech)", "city of a hundred spires" and "the golden city.”

Beautiful buildings, bargain-price beer and Bohemian beads.

Matička Praha - 'little mother Prague' - was largely undamaged by WWII, and the cityscape is stunning. Its compact medieval centre remains an evocative maze of cobbled lanes, ancient courtyards, dark passages and churches beyond number, all watched over by an 1100-year-old castle.


Like I said in the last entry, I was really looking forward to Eastern Europe, and Prague excelled my expectations. Prague is just beautiful and I would love to go back and spend more time there. It is such a beautiful old city. Beautiful old buildings, cobblestone roads, horse drawn carriages... And some great shopping to be done. Prague certainly caters for tourists, and this is what I had heard and thought that it may had lost some of its charm

Guinness Book of Records certified Prague Castle as the biggest ancient castle at about 570 meters in length and an average of about 130 meters wide.
At the entrance ramp of the castle, you would greed by this “Slogans” and “Reply”, not sure if Guinness Book of Records included those or not?