Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Free Give Away Cars

My fren used to work illegally in Japan and he bought a second hand Malaysia made Perodua Kancil for a very minimal amount about RM500. When he left Japan, he just parked his SLK (Small Little Kancil) in front of the Tokyo departure hall and leave.

So cool!

Even since I heard that story, I wanna do the same but it seems that lotta people has done that in Dubai. Not so cool anymore!

Today Dubai newspaper reported more than 80 vehicles found abandoned at the Dubai International Airport recently. There must be higher numbers of vehicles found elsewhere yet to be announced by the authorities.

I believe it must have been done by people fleeing the country because they didn’t want to repay loans after losing their jobs.

Abandoning your unwanted vehicles in Dubai airport aint cool anymore, so I gonna do the reverse! I gonna take those abandon cars and speed it up to 300km/h.

0h yeah! I hope I found some abandon Lamborghini, Ferrari or Mesarati.

The best thing about driving some strangers’ cars that have leaved this country for good is that I will be fine proof and toll free.

No matter how many times they fine my *free* Lamborghini, I still don’t need to pay.

I gonna check out some free car in the airport parking tonight…

My new year gifts… LOL! A great way to start 2009

Sunday, December 28, 2008

China restaurant in d0bye

There are lotta china restaurant in d0bye, although their dishes are similar to msia Chinese food but their style is quite different, that’s why I still miss mama food.

Msia Chinese food kinda mixed up with Indian and malay stuffs so only in d0bye did I really gotta chance to taste some true china food.

Lotta people are surprise that there are pork in d0bye, in fact pork is sell legally in a different section of supermarket and its perfectly legal to serve pork in 5stars hotel.

But most small china restaurant do sell *chu yok* illegally, its not written on the menu thus you gotta ask by words. LOL! Sounds like buying drugs but that feeling of consuming illegal substances that make it taste even better. Oh-Yeah!

Ham-Chu-Sau was one of my favourite dishes… goodanee
Sui-yu soup also good le… hermmm

I am sure there are lot more illegal substances out there waiting for me to explore.

Dunno why most china & Hk restaurants in d0bye usually have a room with karaoke set. I have never sung there and have no intention to do so but I think there must be on demand.

I was taught by a China-fren that, we shall never call those women waitress *Siau-Je* (miss) because Siau-Je is reserve for those Women who are in the *Service* industry that has made china famous world wide.

We are suppose to call those waitress *Fu-Wo-Ren* (Servant)! Sounds a bit too long for me LOL!

Different world, different calling lol!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Steamboat

What do you do on a 15degree Celsius night?

Steam boat lorrr…
The 1st Xmas steamboat in my life!

Although food serve were different from Msia (China style) but there are Spicy and non-spicy soup. The spicy soup are different from Msia one as well, it make my mouth go numbs. They said is sichuan spicy!

If European stuffs are famous for their Quality, China stuffs are famous for the Cost Effectiveness! The chopsticks were definately reused, not sure if they cleaned it properly but I think they use back the chopstick cover as well. Goodane!
Wat *ku-hon* there gave us four Xmas gifts le! Of coz made in China!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Four Days Off


Tomorrow is Christmas and the start of my looooooong weekend.

I am officially off for four days… hulala!

The best part about working for a British company in d0bye is Christmas holiday, usually we get two days off but since 26dec2008 is a weekend there will only be officially a day off for Christmas.

But 28dec2008 is also a public holiday for it’s the New Year for Islamic calendar. LOL!

I am so lucky…


There are actually caroling in some of the major malls the last few days. I have never seen that before in msia but in d0bye they allowed it?


Monday, December 22, 2008

D0bye Pyramid

The 750dirhams shopping vouchers I won from being the top horseman in my company lead me to this shopping mall.
WAFI Mall… It’s actually located just a stone throw away from my office but I never thought of shopping there because all stuffs there are BRANDED!

Wanna buy phone: they only sell VERTU, one phone 10-20k
Wanna buy shoes; they only sell Gucci, Prada and some italian name I have never seen before.
Even those salesperson dress up more smartly than our Msian CEO!

The 750vouchers is just gonna make me spend much more than I supposed to!

This WAFI mall is like teasing me…
Why go to Egypt when you can see a brand new Pyramid, Obelisks and Mural!
Why go to see those degenerated, robbed, eroded and smelly ancient stuffs in Egypt, if you can see brand new stuffs for free!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Xmas with Horses

My company Xmas party was held in the top floor of 2nd most *sinful* place in d0bye, where alcohol + horse racing happen every thursday night.

Nad al Sheba, the main horses racing clubs in d0bye.
Entrance to the public stand are free and there were plentiful of labourers. Those labourers were trying their luck predicting the winning horses. Gambling is illegals so instead of legalized gambling, d0bye gomen offer a total of Dhs50k prize money a night for those who succeed in predicting the winning horses of the six races.I was amazed by those labourers determinations, they studied all the information of the horses & jockeys seriously before making their prediction. I think they must be regular here and they were everywhere, even filling up the grass path. Prize m0ney is a clever idea of d0bye gomen to fill up that areas.Even the TALI-Buns were there to test their luck... We werent seated with those enthuastic people, We got our place at the top Fifth floor. A *sinful* place which sell Alcohols. I went even thought I had problem walking with a sprained ankle because it was held at a private box of the Dubai Racing Club (Known as Nad al Sheba). Not everyday I got the oppurtunity to get into such expensive and private place so I had to go even if I had to crawl there.I dunno much about horse racing but since making prediction is free, no harm starting my crash course on horse racing. I did study for 5minutes but I gave up in the end, instead I choose horses with names that I like.
Horse "Pride of Baghdad" from USA - that's UN-BELIB-ABLE!
Dinner was next...Dirty Rice... Didnt seems very dirty to me!
I didnt see much horses that night, I spend the night getting drunk!
But at the end of the night...
I became the top predictor of my company and won Dhs750 Gift Voucher. I beat all my british, irish, scottish & etc colleagues whom some are Horses racing-addicts. Wakakakaka!!!

What to do with this 750dirhams voucher, this WAFI shopping mall is full of expensive branded stuffs?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

7stars Breakfast

I know during recession time, I am not suppose to spend too much on luxuries but I cant left d0bye without ever entering Burj al Arab. The sceneries and the building dont excite me anymore because it has been over used but the price of breakfast do! Anyway... a man gotta do wat a man gotta do!I have seen this lobby countless time through my frens fotos, internet and media but untill I witnessed it myself, I felt like I am in a space ship. It loooks more futuristic than the control centre of *starterk*. No local features at all. The lobby is full of oversized columns, mulitcolor finishes (some might mistaken they got lost in disneyland), mega size fountains and two salt water fish aquariums. There are very expensive restaurants with famous chefs but I prefer the cheapest of them all, The breakfast buffet. Enterance to The Jun Sui look like some time wrap from the *Stargate* movie. Those jingle little stars on the walls might looks cute but definately not a comfortable place to have breakfast. I felt like eating breakfast inside a disco.
The toilet looked like the control room of the alien's spaceship...Foods were actually not bad with lotta variety. I couldnt even finish tasting all type of food even though I took only a small portion of it. There were western, chinese, japanese, korean, indonesia & thai but no Malaysian. Unlike most indian restaurant in d0bye which sell varieties of food but cooked by the same indian chefs, burj al arab really employ chefs from their respective nationality to make the food.The first thing that come to my mind when I saw this MADE IN CHINA Noodles, MELANIE? They say is 7stars but there is only 5stars, so where is the other 2stars? As to my limited knowledge, there isnt any grading up to 7stars. So siapa so pandai go tambah dua biji?The highlight of my breakfast & tour of Burj al Arab was this LEAKING, If not for this LEAKING... the whole breakfast doesnt worth mentioning inside my blog!d0bye only rain few days a year and I guess less than 99.99% of its visitor can witness this *beautiful scenery*, I am one of the few lucky one.

If a 7stars hotel have defects that are usually found in low cost housing, so how great a man he still will have some weaknesses.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Team Social -Desert Safari-

Desert safari wasnt my cup of tea but since my director also going, its best to go since now everything *fung tao fo sai*. Go sau-sau fung also need la, anyway its fully paid by the company... I have been to desert safari but this one is a luxury type as it cost twice as much as the market price.

I was expecting Toyota Land Cruiser (the self-claim king of desert) for dune bashing but instead came three Chevy Tahao, a much bigger 4x4.
The dune bashing location wasnt the same with my 1st time experience 2years ago. There was a private guard at this so call *RESERVE*?
It is a must the reduce the pressure in all the tyres before any dune bashing start to give the 4x4 more grip.
While waiting for the driver to setup the 4x4, there were camels for customers to take pix with but I dont even wanna get close to it. Dirty Smelly... yak!
This dune bashing experience was actually less excited than my first, maybe because I wasnt suprise anymore or maybe the dunes here were less challenging or maybe the big chevy tahoe tackle the desert better or maybe the driver was less skillful... maybe... maybe...
There were so many maybe but there was still people vomiting. The 30-40 vehicles convoy stopped few times for us to take photos.
A couple started a bollywood dance in the desert but I couldnt hear what they were singging but they did the usual stuffs. Hidding behind the bushes...

Rolling on the sand! I thought it was just bollyw00d gimmick but they really *kow lui* like that!

Not sure what these two photographers doing? any interesting stuffs in the sand?

After 2 hours of dune bashing and stopping, we finally reach the Fake beduin camp side. It looked more like a terrorist camp to me. The Paktan driver muka terus tukar hitam when he heard me said that. LOL!

All drivers become waiter in this camp. We were greeted with arab coffee and dates at the entrance, only I drank it did I notice that they reuse all those small cups. Feel like Chee Chiong Kai* drink... YaK!

Why this tour cost 2x more than those capalang camp side... ALCOHOL! LOL! For Kwai Lol, Social = Alcohol!

Most male were eagerly waiting for the belly dancing but everyone was dissapointed with her looks but she was really doing a belly dancing. She got a belly bigger than mine... Without a belly how to do a belly dancing le?

She did try to make the crowd join her dance but since most of the 100+ crowds are made of *very experience* tourists along with their families. She didnt taste much success except this korean guy!

Then I proceed to Hyena section... Phew! This was kinda hard to take for that artist! Legs!
I did a Scorpion on my left arm to show my CRUELTY but with it looks like a cute version of the scorpion.
So what was the best way to promote SABAH to my colleague? My Powerful right Arm!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Burning M0ney in Abu Dapi

2Dec08, 12 adulst + 3 childrens gather at the Ibn Batutta Mall, d0bye to start a journey to witness The World Biggest Fireworks show... In Short, the most money burn in 45minutes. The mall is actually split into six main courts: China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia & Andalusia. Stuffs sell in those courts are not from those particular place, only the interior & exterior design of those courts that resembles those places.
Ibn battuta as I learn from Sejarah was the *greatest* traveller of his time but I was shock at the time of my visit there was also exhibition of *Zheng He* expedition. I wonder why until I read that ZHeng He Also same religion as Ibn, that's why!
Taiko8 ordered a Orange-Chicken Rice, which tasted so-so WEIRD. IT was my mistake not to advice him in advance as I was busy snapping fotos around the mall.
I have been to this Mall numerous time but it was the 1st time I had my E450 with me. I dislike this mall the most because of it single floor design which a maration runner can partically train here. Nevertheless, as all Dubai's Mall... its interior as impressive.
This elephant clock is the landmark of the mall. The most outstanding features in the whole mall. Idiots would have thought that it was some kinda monsters outta ultraman cartoons but in actual it was was a medieval Muslim invention. Understandable la, everything in middle east is all about *the religion we dont speak about*!
We left the mall to Abu Dapi about 3pm and reach AD 1.5hours later and it took us another 1.5hours to find our VVVVIP fren! Not his fault, partly GPS fault, partly the heavy traffic fault! But The VVVVVIP fren took us to this super nice Vietnamese Restaurant. Yumeeee!
0ne of our mission was to take photos of Taiko8 in happy mood to show his mum, that include good food & Sexy babes. I had the duck soup noodles... Yumee... I even habiskan all the soup le! After dinner, we all rushed out to the corniche to see the 830pm biggest fireworks in the world.
There were many interesting side shows, like this! National Day is the only day I witness locals entertaining expats by doing dangerous stunts. Sitting at the back of the car with the speed of 100kmh. That was impressive!
What even more impressive were those vehicles tinted with their Kings faces... I never seen that in Msia! Their patriotism was impressive but their driving skills were much more impressive. How could they see when all the car mirror are tinted with photos of their kings? Maybe, just maybe their kings eyes helped them to see the roads?
They really loves their country and their kings... I have never felt that way about my country. Why? I love my country but I will never do those stunts and tint my car with Najib 0r Badawi.
Most of the best place to watch the fireworks has been taken up, places leftwere either cover by trees or people. So I gave up taking photos and left that task to Samuel!
Impressive but D0bye's fireworks was much more impressive! No wonder Abo dapi dunno wana let d0bye take all the fung-tao adi. So is apo-dapi waiting to see d0bye mati? *big tree attarcts wind*