Thursday, July 26, 2007

Second Calling ?

Cape Verde is off the west coast of Africa formed by 10 main islands and about 8 islets. Its an Archipelago of nine islands lying like a jewelled necklace off the coast of West Africa.

Until recently Cape Verde's beauty was largely kept a secret – the long beaches of endless white sand, lapped by turquoise ocean: the historical mystery of colonial style towns like Ribeira Grande the first European City in the tropics: the wide variety of landscapes – from dramatic volcanic – to lush and verdant.

The biggest stumbling block there would be LANGUAGE; Cape Verde's official language is Portuguese however a dialect continuum of a Portuguese-based creole, which varies from island to island are often used. With the language barrier, is really hard to get into the Society there in order to what we called "A LIFE"... even a holiday there would be a problem..

Beside that, I have to forget about Shopping Malls, Hot Babes, Fast Internet Line, Badminton, Chinese Food, Chinese Friends, Fast Car & Etc. Everyday... Jogging, Fishing, Swimming, Sailing, Eating Bread, Cooking Fish & Sun Bathing.

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Last thursday night, evil7, Lil & me went to "BBQ Delight" restaurent... The design seems awesome and we thought of trying something new... We order a 3person meal for Dhs150, as usual it comes with multiple kinda meat as u can see in the iron plate.. Goat, Beef, Chicken, Fish & Rice... The Food portion is kinda big for us Asian in fact too big.

This is the most interesting stuff of our meals. Roughly about 2feet x 1feet, it looks like a sampan & it taste GOOD as well with it sesame. We didnt manage to finish the food & we really feel uncomfortable because we ate TOO MUCH. This is wat we call in Hakka "Si Sit"...

To neutralize our MEATnesss... The next morning Lil blend me Fruit Cocktail, Banana+Mango Fruit Yogurts and We shitt like hell. Kinda Feel relieve after shitting all the last nite meat out. The Yogurt Icecream taste really good, It was like Dhs22 for this small box.

Can you hear it?

Guess What is inside the pot? Is Pig's Ear... Not much of a big deal for you? But in Tupai it means alot to me. Where the hell you can find such a good cook with the best ingredients. FREE OF CHARGE! Master Neil From Shanghai!
With his 30years of training in Wah San of Tuk Ku Kau Kim, he was able to slice the Pig's ears with perfect accuracy & lighting speeds. According to Neil, is better to cut it after cook so that the ears wont be too soft.
De Main Dishes must be the Pig Ears... and the rest are normal stuff. Just a farewell dinner for Raymond as he is going back to HongKong for Holiday. Some lame reason to make Neil cook for us... Hohoho!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Can you smell what is Cruel Angel cooking?

CA's meal must have PORK!!! Is a must to have Pork in a Muslim country to show that there is freedom of FOOD in this part of the world. I dont care what they say about those worms coming out when you pour some pepsi into the pork. Bloody helL! oud ancestor has been eating it ever since we know... Not all worms are bad worms, they might look ugly but they are part of NATURE>
Then, there are eggs... I cant really think of a day I gone past without having at least a big of eggs in my stomach. I guess eggs must be the most important or diversify food in the world. With the power of my wrist due to some intensive training during my teenage years, I was able to produce some out of this world kinda eggs blend...
OK! this fish dead but it still looks tasty. Hermm! Fish here are kinda fresssh. Put some bawang to make it more Wangi. I rarely has fish in Msia unless my mama feed me, same here! I always why people put so much hassle through eating there is so much bones in the fish!
This is the 1st time I slice or cut a pineapple... I thought it was easy but now I know how skillful my mum is. She is the best... It took me about 30minutes to produce this so called a eatable pIneapple..
From left clockwise:- Eggs + cucumber, Pork- thin bone, Fishi, potatos, suasages + beans + greens, & Chicken. None of the above is my creation :p I am just here to appreciate all of this.

Everyone seems to enjoy their meal, I am just happily snapping candid photo with k810i. Not really a bit different from w810i but I will tried that out during my Night Rumble soon.
This one is the "Liong sui" cool water from Shanghai... luk tau sa? luckily I got a good cook in ray & neil really cured my homesickness..


There is a lotta 4x4 in tupai and usually there are 2 reason why people do that:- To Go off Roads to those Desert Safari and for safety purpose because Tupai driver are crazy they dont even care about others safety. I got my own reason, that's not to get stuck in the sand!!! hahaha!!!
This is my housemate, Nidal trying to pull his boat back home to show it off but it got stuck in the sand... hohoho!!! He thinks he v8 4.8litres engine Nissan Armada would be strong enough to pull that Big Boat over the sand... How wrong was he!

This is the best Dawn picture I took with my w810i, actually Nidal trying is locking his boat with a chain just to make sure noone drive it off. Rich guy!

This is my darling Honda Civic got stuck in the sand when she tried to reverse her car in ANGER. It was 11am in the HEAT of the Summer and it was like 50degree... & the 1st reaction must has been ShitT!!! Her housemate Ann, Ray & Vince insisted the car need to be pull out by a tractors so they go out to look for a tractor but as soon as the tractor arrive.... We notice that there are no HOOK in the front part of the CIVIC.

Luckily she read my blog... So damn Informative! To be honest, this time the tyres wasnt stuck that deep inside. it was just skin deep but largely due to her smartnest & calm nature she stop stepping on the paddle after the car cant move. See MyBlog did something good that day!
It seems the car is in Deep shit from Rear View, but be of no concern because car nowadays usually run on front wheel.... cause it more fuel efficeint & better control for normal person but of coz for a racing car, it would prefer to be run on back wheel or 4x4 just like the famous AE86 runs on back wheel.

I romantically dug some sand from the wheel in under the summer heat then 4 of us (me, Ray, vince & a cha) push the car from behind and with its 1.8 i-vtec engine there is no problem for this car to pull itself up. 0ut it Goes! I am glad that I learn a lot about cars from my brother & dad! I hardly talk about cars in Msia but now I am the expert among my groups of frens...

After 3times stuck in the SAnd, I was really considering getting a 4x4 after all car here is about 3x cheaper than Msia... vince just got his brand new Prado for 110k & Nil a new Mitsubishi Nativa for 75k... Fuel here is cheap & there is no Road text... hermm! But in terms of comfort Saloon car is definaly better.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Breakfast in Tupai

There are pratically 2 ways to have your breakfast in Tupai. One is buy yoself or cook yoself... no more waiting for Mama to buy for me :(

This is IKEA breakfast aside from those INdian shops breakfast... 2 hotdog, some beans & some eggs gonna cost you Dhs5. Really cheap to dubai standard. Not really my fave in terms of Taste but in terms of Price definately is... kekeke!
This is what you rarely got for breakfast really "POH" and tasty... One of the best I have in Tupai! One Chicken + few Mushroom + dunno what but all expensive stuffs & Slow Cook overnight! Kalas (finish in arabic) Really making my saliva dropping!! Can you see the steam going up!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Hujan Batu Di Negeri Sendiri, Hujan Emas Di Negeri Orang

They said the grass is always greener on the other side, but I found no grass only ROCKS! But those Rocks are really magnificient!!

They is a saying that says that The Moon in the foreign country are rounder... I am not sure about the MOON but the SUN really got a different looks in Tupai. Something like Bloody Red? Armageddon is near?

This sunset view gonna melt every gals heart into your palm... Trust me ;p Even mine are being melted by it!

I think you could only find this in Tupai... 747 on the Road!!! Nah! Just a photographic skills gimmic!!! Kekeke! Notice the White car... that's the original MyVi (Daihatsu Sirion) Yeah latest Engine with 4x4 abilities!

I am sure you never come accrosss this!!! Camel crossing... althought picture not well taken but is worth the publication for the experience alone... CHEERS!!!

This is not an Picture taken in some MOVIE! This is a real life Woman... Althought Tupai or the Arab Areas has grown to such advance developments. There is still this kinda culture of wearing IRON mask... My guess is that is their tradision of doing so, but you can only see really old woman wearing this. Younger generation are more modern & open.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


It has been like 3 or 4 years since I celebrate my birthday cause I am not those kinda people who like to be celebrated for something which I didnt achieve. They should be celebrating with my mum because it was my mother's greatest achivement for delivering Alan de Great aka Cruel Angel. Life has been good lately, mainly due to my parents constant prayers for me.
But it was so sweet of Ann, Nil, Jessie, Ray, Lil, Vincent & Evil7 to arrange and emergency party for me at the Jumeirah Open Beach as they only know my birthday in the afternoon on that day. First time also, I celebrate my birthday at the beach, I feel kinda Happy though.. I am a moderate person and doesnt really enjoy too much of attention... Just a few fren would be just nice. Family, friends, a cozy home: These things make you feel safe and secure. No matter what's going on with the outside world, if you know you have a haven you can retreat to, all's right with the world.
As the beach is kinda hot for the Summer, almost everyone is wet to their underwear! So, We decided to change location to A restaurant called French Connection... This is their Famous Hot Choco... CUte? But that day, I just dont felt like letting the wild side of me coming out, but I think that's ok after all... Last night I was drunk like ....

This is the Tiramisu Cake for CA, pretty? The words "SWEET" is suggested by Nil... kinda feel Gayish here... kekeke! Just joking, NIL is a real Macho guy... got the cornerning skills like Schumi & I hope to see him perform with his new Mitsubishi Nativa...

The eve of CA's Birthday he receive some Golden Eggs from a Swan... But it come with a PRICE for the first time since I return from Uk, I vomit like hell... taking alternately Budwiser, Corona, Red Wine & the most "KICK" a few shots (Water Pistol, Blow Jobs & Etc.) Really doesnt wanna experience this kinda of hangover again.