Friday, April 27, 2007

A day in Emirates Mall

The Mall of Emirates... brings back a lotta memories for 7 and me... This is the only haven for us when we just arrive in tupai... When we are sleeping in the living room! Is only about 30min walk from that apartment we stay. The only place we can see civilisation as we are stuck in the site and the only place we consider ourselves to be HUMAN!

We start our day at the Mall with Rising Sun, Strawberry free & Innocent Passion... The last one is mine as you know I am innocent + ...

Snow in the middle of desert! Ski Dubai is claimed to be one of the largest indoor ski resorts in the world, with 22,500-square metres of indoor ski area. It is a part of the Mall of the Emirates, which is one of the largest malls in the world. Everything here is fake worst than Pamela... The tree, the snow is made of cold conditioning.

Mammoth is exintsss? Nah... you still can get it's soft toys for RM50k... 7 really wanna buy it for his gf birthday gift but I stop him from that stupidity! see... he doesnt want to let go of the tail

Friday, April 20, 2007

She is a Male

CA: I think this is a man!
Wc: Nola! Although she gots no boobs... but still think is a she!
CA: Yaloh! but i think she is too big size to have no boobs!
Wc: OK! we wait for her to sing... no one can hide their voice!
She start of her singging with a "Male Voice".......
CA: Nah... seee!!
Wc: almost got cheated..

Then "She" duet with herself in fake voice...
We are like speechless for 2seconds
CA: Crazzy!!
Mc: Hahaha

Her Male voice really sounds like Bryan Adams, His Female voice really sounds like Celine Dion. First time in my life I see one person duet with HesSelf!!! I would said her male voice really sounds Jantan and her female voice really sound Betina... and "hir" singing is not bad... really gay!
We tried to look for her male organ but her trousers doesnt seems to have small bunch? We guess he is not transexual, but just to find two meal. Know la! who want to see Jantan sing!

Moulin Rouge

Everytime I took Wah Chai back to his hotel, I notice alot of White Robe guy going into this pub (Moulin Rouge). I wonder what is so "Happening in that place" so i begin my investigation with a Lime Corona! (AED 28). Me & Wc are the only Azn guy inside.

The theme of this club is "True Beauty Freedom Love"... The theme sounds very unAnrabic right? but guess what--> 50% of the guests are those Anrab man in White Robe drinking Jack Daniel, VSOP, Budwieser and all others "Minuman Keras". Not only that... there is one white robe guy in wheel chair and one anrab woman in "All Black"!! The best part of it... is that some of this White robe guy enjoy the show to the distance of raising up their hand and clapping loudly. I wasnt allowed to take picture if not I would have taken all those "Holy Man" picture...

My initial guess what that this are Russian Girls but after 10min of enjoyment, I notice that they can sing in english, arabic & some others languages... Then I guess it must be girls from Lebanon or Morroco as this two country are famous for their Nite Club life or more precisely their Babes... My colleauge a lebanese told me that there is only 2 job u can do in lebanon either your into argiculture or night club. There is this "Legend" that says that lot of Anrab's Prince, Anrab Wealthy and even President of Egypt fly to Lebanon often to visit night club there...

Beside this 3 gals singing, there are also 4 dancers which will perform alternately with the 3 singers. Their dances are quite entertaining as they keep changing their costume for different kinda dance... I am not so into dance but I guess dance include mexico, spanish, arab & etc...

Al Matador of Fujairah

There is no matador, no corrida, and no bloodshed at the bullfights in Fujairah. However, as the sun sinks into the Hajar Mountains and the moon rises over the Indian Ocean, a fine time can be had by all at the makeshift bullring on the coast road to Kalba. The contest, which is held on weekends in the winter, pits Brahmin bull against bull in more of a wrestling match than a traditional bullfight.

Bull Butting began in Portugal between the 16th and 17th century. The Portugese who colonized the area brought the sport to the United Arab Emirates.In Fujairah, bull butting is a family event. Every Friday, local families and tourists gather at an open field to watch the bulls' battle it out. The day begins with 20 bulls and winners move on the next round. The prize for the winner is to have his value increased.After many hundreds of years in an open area the bull butting contests will take place behind a fence. Even though the bulls are tied up and handled by attendants, they sometimes take to charging spectators - especially those in red... even red Underwear, those bulls got see-through eyes!

This is my favourite bull, the Fern Leaf bull.. remind me of Milk Powder Erin.

An Cool Arab explains to me that the bulls are raised on a diet of milk, honey, and meal and that they are prized for the "massiveness of their necks and shoulders and the sturdiness of their haunches." Two bulls are led onto the sandy arena and, with heads down and noses almost touching the ground, they wrestle and lock horns. The horns are blunt and while one bull may occasionally get tangled in the harness of the other there is really little violence. Eventually one bull may force the other out of the ring, but more often one bull tires and walks away.

The Way to Fujairah

This market is at the border of Oman & UAE... similar things we have in Thai's border... except there are no kok kok here.. Guess how much our American Fren's bought a Mango?? 5Dirhams... I dont blame them as I also see her as the biggest Water fish from America I ever met. But Dont play play... she is no ordinary Woman.. see her tattoo is just one of seven she got! her biggest one is at her back! Her 1st one is at the age of 17! She doesnt has a degree but she is now the planner engineer for the biggest construction company in Tupai... A secretary turn site supervisor turn Planning Engineeeeeer!
You dont get this in Msia -->Camel Crossing!

I stop my car to take this picture of DOnkeeee.... shy animal doesnt seems to wanna make fren with me... Maybe it's a male, if it's a she I definately could have tackle her!

This looks like the Male Production Organ of the desert... no wonder so many mountains seems like pregnant...

Hatta Fort Hotel

A piece of steak + 3 pieces of prawn + few veg cost me 70dirhams... Hardly fill me!

Ever get near to a real thing? it's stingsss and damn disgusting...

Best view of the hotel!!! some Kwai poh sun bathing with the view behind seems magnificient!!

Hard Sell, the pakissstan guy keep roll open his carpet even we said we are not interested in anything unless a flying carpet.... I guess is not easy to find one here..

These guys seems to enjoy watching that poor pakistani guy keep roll open his carpet... pathetic!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Border

It took us 2 hours with the speed of 120km/h to reach this check point... this is the exit point to Oman froom UAE and there are actually few other check point but this is the nearest to Tupai. This view remind me of Rambo3 & Babel... is so similar to Afganishtan Landscape...

Interesting stuff... milk & etc in border crossing!! I guess Milk Powder Saleswoman... eriNaruto aka eHoney can find a job here.

This is the place where your vehicle is being check by the Oman IMMIGRESEN to make sure you dont bring any Funny stuff inside. Lucky that day... I didnt bring along my Playboy magazine... although it was hard to leave them behind but I have to do it :(

This is the place we got our passport stamp for entering Oman... nothing special actually... There goes Raymong & Elaine.. Hand in hand. Lotta gals gonna cry seeing this pic... but CA only tell the "Truth"

This is one of the magnificient view of the Rocky Mountain side of Oman.

Crew of the day.
from Left:
Fei, Pak Liong Kam, Ann, Jace, Dennise, Judy f1, Elaine, Raymond, 7 & Katie
me & vincent not in the pic..

The Night Be4 0man

It was my responsibility as a brother to bring my Bro's superior for happy hours. Wah Chai is my 21yrs frens... I know him since standard 1 and now he is my brother superior in SilverLake. Well!!! actually I am the one who BEG him to take my brother under his wings. So, to repay his good deeds... I intro some lui to him and bring him to some club... Lil's favourite "President Hotel!"

The nite started rather late as it took me 1.5 hours to find that place, it was 12am when i reach there. Usually, we just need to address us as "Kebayan" to enter any fillipino pub free but that night was rather full so we have to pad AED25 for each person except Galss... I thought "Woman" are fighting for equal rights???

A fren of my named xxxxx is famous for his " extreme cost consiousness (ECC)"! He refuse to pay... so he and his Recently Courted Stewardess GF stay outside... Wonder how can that gal tahan his ECC... But at last after much presuasion he did join us... I got many ECC fren but this one is the Extremist... something like Osama of ECC or more precisely Nordin of ECC as he is from Msia... (Cina Kuih yo Senior la)... so damn "Sia Sui" lucky I am not from UM!

As usual pub vocalist are nothing compare to real artist but who cares? If you cant sing then wear less cloth... If you cant dance then "push higher up"... If you cant do both then "interect" more with the audience. I dare not to say I can sing better than them ( might end up like Simon if I do) but I could sense that they are just screaming.

Althought their singing cant be consider good but their dance are quite sexy and their are some french kissing between 2 female vocalist...

After 2 hours of solid drinking... this is the end result. Most of our fren has left but I cant left because there are 2 drunkiee in following my car... The one lying down could hardly walk & the one covering her face is going to give me some present later...

The next morning....

A love present from .............

Saturday, April 14, 2007


  1. 8pm pick up Wah chai, Jenli & Denise with the intention to intro some lengchai & lenglui to them, from Diera city centre to lil's house for dinner. Denise is a fren's fren that I have nvr seen be4. Is a surprise that she is also from SDK and study F6 in SSSS but previously in st.Michael but has been working in spore for the past few years. Is a Small Small Small World.
  2. 9pm pick up Sting & Elaine from dragon mart... and let Wah chai spend them dinner there.. kekeke!!! SunTour Restaurant- most of the waiter & waitress are indian or other races and when they deliver the dishes to you, they will try to pronounce the dishes name in chinese and usually i cant understand a chinese words they said.
  3. 11pm take Wah chai, Sting & denise to Pinoy pub in President Hotel to meet up with all those fellows in Lil's house... and I give them an unintentional TUpai tour in my lost car..
  4. 12pm reach the pinoy pub- I got very poor sense of direction, i use to have to find my car in parking zone for hours. After 1 1/2 hour of searching I gave up and decided to return home, as I was strolling around to find my way back... I FOUND the pub..!!! AMAZING!
  5. We drank till 3pm and I have to send Wah chai back 2 his hotel and took de 3 gals home. ( 2/3 gals are drunk, one can hardly walk & one keep vomiting making the car SMELL!)
  6. I reach home about 4am to bath and sleep on the carpet of Chad's room as Sting & Denise sleep in my room. ( They compliment my room like hotel... KEKEKE!!! if not i would have kick them out :P)
  7. 8am the next day, WE go to Oman to get our visa stamp. Raymond and Elaine first time to Oman and quite amaze with the rocky mountain scenery.
  8. 2pm back from Oman and have lunch at Hatta... I think is Hatta Fort Hotel!! 3 pieces of small udang & a beef my palm size cost me AED 70!!! Maybe my palm size has been growing since I reach TUpai???
  9. 5pm reach FUjiera to watch some bull fight. We make a lot of wrong turnsss.. result in the 3 hours travel. Those bullss really x3 big... & they bull shit everywhere.
  10. 6pm back 2 mirdif to take lil, since she said me & 7 wanna "PIt" her adi.. as we know lotta leng lui now.. but we ll never do that. :P
  11. 8pm reach chinese restaurant in the creek and all those steam boat dish seems tasteless for me. But the our American lady fren keep saying is good.. well maybe My senses has died of tiredness.
  12. 10pm... ask Judy to drive me home instead! the most "F1" lady driver I know... scare me to hell!! Lil keeps screaming.. like hysteria.. even Rocky gal like lil also scare.. phew.. Maybe that day is Judy last night here as she is going back to HK for good and she wanna give us something that we will remember forever.. !!! She is really the lady "Shock_maker(Schumacher)". Judy is Khoo Eyen lookalike as Wah Chai said.. I think she is also damn rich like Eyen as she use to own a car in LOndon while studying in Imperial college and her house in "Pau Ma Dai" HK. I must said she must be more Rockier & Ramboier than Lil cause Judy dare to travel to Mesir, Turki & GReece alone.. ( here is her latest.. trip COMBODIA NEXT MONDAY with her SISTER- so CHin Ji KIng.. i heard u also going there.. HEHEHE!!)

I was totally exhausted of all those driving largely bcoz of the late night before the trip.... Luckily there are 3 others vehicle for company!!! I was suppose to send denise & sting back to sharjah & trader hotel but I give up after the dinner and ask for Raymond help... the next morning I read my car mileage is 629.9km for a day..

It was a eventful & meaningful day & night.. but the most memorable will still be Judy F1 handling of my Yaris!!
  • Just like schumi, she swing to the left & right to make sure no one can overtake her.
  • Just like schumi, she make emergency brake to take sharp corner.
  • Just like schumi, she go full throttle from the greeeeen light.
  • Just like schumi, she got no fear.
  • Just like schumi, she is rich.
  • Just like schumi, she has been to most country.
  • Just like schumi, she makes my blood pump faster.
  • Just like schumi, I gonna miss her..

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why James Bond must be white!

Tomorrow I am going to Oman for holiday again; it brings back my “Urge” to tell the world why James Bond has to be white. I still remember my friend a WHITE British citizen bought us four Asian to Oman without having to stamp our passport. He can simply tell those immigration officers some story and get past the border without much hassle. I was worried that we might end up in "no man land" and deported back to China.

As we spend the night camping at the beautiful rocky Oman mountain, his Land Rover battery died off as we use too much energy for the electric shower, projector TV and etc. It was around 9pm at night and he shows no worries and plan to walk to a nearby road to ask for help the next morning. As his 4x4 is an auto car and the terrain is almost impossible to walk, I was worried as no one would help us cause I have few experiences asking for direction and getting a cold shoulders.

The next morning, he coolly packs everything up and walks 15min to the nearest camper site and asks for help. There come a group of Indian in two 4x4 happily thinking they are going to help a bunch of white people.

Beside that trip, there are few other incidents which tell me White people are the upper class citizen.
  • You will get a big smilling face from the owner of any shops if you go with a white person. Even in chinese restaurant, those chinese waitress would give the same expression. The few question they will ask when you order your dishes are; can your fren (the white fellow) dap spicy food, does he likes it and etc".
  • If the whites are caught driving without a license here, the police wont lock him up.
  • when White people go into night club, pub or etc. no need to pay cover charge.
  • When the Arab see the white people, they will greet them.. when they see us "bloody asian", they will simply ignore us.
  • If the whites tell those Arab, jumping down from 10th floor wont kill you. Those Arab would have jump.

So dont expect Chow Yun-FAT, Jess Li or Jackiss Chan to be the next James Bond in the next 100years time. I believe what I am doing now is for the sack of our next generation - building a good reputatio (sounds so heroic) , as the whites did by conquering the whole world.. They still do, in our MIND!!!

But I really has to thank Tun Dr Madir, ask he build the Two Big Jagung, bring F1 to Msia and many other big deeds than makes everyone thinks that Msia is a Good country. A lot of people ask me why I came here to work as Msia is a good country... I WAS VERY PROUD INSIDE but held my nerve and said is because I am young and wanna explore the world as I can always go back Msia later.

Kesimpulanny.... We Chinese Msian are in better ground that those pinoy, ah cha, tan&tan and chinaman.. TQ Madir although I think you are "more cruel" than Cruel Angel.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Abu Dhabi (Smoke On)

The Red Bull Air Race 2007, Round 1: Abu Dhabi.. it's a sunny & hot day.. I like it!!

We are late for the opening ceremony as We can see people jumping from parachute with their ass on smoke!

Seven pretending to ask for direction from that pretty girl!!!

This is one of a few big screen in the whole corniche to let people see the race clearly!

This Helicopter cant fly, simply for the purpose of promotion!!!
This is the flying route.. seems simple but not when you go at their SPEED!!!

This is the race course.. the pylon is filled with air... and it take them about 3min to fill it up. Is normal that plane might breaks those pylon and their are lot of reserve.

400kph.. is a matter of split seconds between success and disaster..

10G .. Gravitional forces can reach 10x the pilot own bodyweight when flying sharp turning maneouvres. F1 is only about 5G.
Please dont say you cant see the plane clearly, I have tried to take the flying plane picture for more than 20x with my w810i.. this 3 pic is the best I can offer..

Abu Dhabi ( The Journey & Interesting Stuff)

I started my jounry from Mirdif Dubai around 9am and stopover in this petrol station in Jebel Ali to fill my tank. My Yaris is quite savvy, AED50 allowed me to travel about 550km.

As usual, Petrol Kiosk here got place to eat and shop. Usually there are places like McDonald, SubWay & other fast food chains.

Abu Dhabi is about 130km away from Dubai. It takes me about 1hour 20min to reach this Marina Mall. I drive to the speed between 60km to 150km/hr and hope dont get any Saman.. :P. My last parking ticket cost me AED 190. :(

I started my investigation of the mall here.. I found that they put 3 colorful donuts into the toilet bowl!!!

Wanna see what is underneath those NINJAs????

But there are also stuff like Hello Kitty Shop!!

This water fountain is one of the weirdest.... I ever seen!!!

This picture is taken from my fren apartment in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi in Arab means "Father of Gazalle" is the capital of UAE not Dubai!!

Tourist might wonder why there are so many Ah Cha and tan&tan standing, sitting or sleeping on the roadside, greens or any free spaces. It's because most of them live in labour camp, where usually there are 6 person in a 10 x 20feet room. Not only they sleep there, they cook there as well and their food is stored there as well! so it better for them to come out in the open space to rest than staying in their room..

Monday, April 2, 2007

The Richest Horse Race in The World (The Real Story)

The richest day’s racing in the world takes place at Nad Al Sheba on Saturday March 31st, 2007. The evening features the US$6 million Dubai World Cup, the world's richest horse race, supported by the US$5 million Dubai Duty Free and US$5 million Dubai Sheema Classic, the two most valuable turf races in the world. The other Group 1 race is the US$2 million Dubai Golden Shaheen, which carries the same value as the Group 2 UAE Derby. The Group 2 Godolphin Mile is worth US$1 million, while the meeting begins with the US$250,00 Dubai Kahayla Classic, a Group 1 race for Purebred Arabians.

This is the air view for the racing tracks... Magnificent View "Turning sand into gold"
This entrance No.3 where I park my car but our entrance is No.7 as Chad (7) likes Seven. I am not sure how many entrance are there but I think it should be around 8??? My camera might be on those gents & lady on those far sight but my eyes is on the pretty gal in de photo.
Security was tight as I felt like passing the airport check point. I was a bit nervous to be body check by those "Ham Sap" Arab guy in white but Fei is so steady, maybe because she is so use to flying..
This is my ticket which cost me AED175 with the code bar as the new tech for ticketing. Would not even dare to think going there if I was working in motherland. I met a Brits colleauge and he thought I am working part time there as I only wear t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.... Horse racing is a tradisional event for Brits so they do dres up (I mean lesssss for the women!!)
This Radio head phone is given free for us to listen to live commentary of the race as well as interview etc.. but is useless after that day because you cant tune it nor change batteries..
Tupai is alcohol free?? Think again... is free flowing beer.. drink till you drop... Stella is very smooth.. Try it!!

A make shift tent for everyone to enjoy the day.... Well!! although is make shift but is not our typical cheap malay wedding tent.
Actually, there are also other interesting stall like Radio station, TV station from all over the world, Land Rover Show Room and lot of other things as well but Nah!!! those dont really catch my interest.. I use AED100 to buy two raffle tickets to win a Land Rover but it seems hopeless now :(
This what caught my interest!!! Women... Women... Women.... Preetty woman walking down de street.. my saliva is dropping already, so embarrassing... Excuse me!!!
This is the Grand Dining place.. not as grand as those women though!!
This is what we call people mountain people sea.. According to the radio is estimated 80k people turn up that day!!
As a construction QS I wonder what is the purpose of those roof with a lot of holes in it?? Is definitely more costlier than a normal roof but dont seems to serve the purpose.
Japanese News Team, the reporter covering her head with some paper is gorgeous!!
No idea where this news team from but the presenter is Phew!!!! Body of a devil!!

Sexy looking Arab Girls... Maybe Cleoprata looks like this??

Innocent and sweet... is white but cant seems to be through!!
Elegant and can see ......
Another photo of her with her not as elegant friend but her friend peacock feather helps her to fly a bit!!

Tupai is Hot?? No it isnt hot.. This Lady is HOT!

On a Grand Event like this, Man also wear skirt... but I think this guy is definitely Braveheart's great grand child.

This woman is really gorgeous, her "N" can be visible from de side... But i scare kena smack! so take some distance photo only :(

The BIG Q in everyone mind now must be "WHERE IS THE HORSE??, isnt this a horse race event?"

Yupe! Only this Prancing Horse that caught my attention.. Her name is Horsari!! See her muscle!

Neh! I did get a glimpse of the horse.. this is the best picture i caught.. or I intended to take..! Michale Owen was there too but I am never his fans.. I guesss my $$$ well spend cause I now into UP society adi!!! Is UP not IN nor RUGGED anymore... UPPER CLASS!!!