Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter in Dubai

Last nite thunders was awesome... We dont get much thunders here with usually clear sky without clouds.
2pixs above are "cetak rompak" from some forwarded mail!
It was freezing 16c this morning. I live here and face those cloudless skies for 10 whole months. It’s a blessing to see such beautiful sky and feel the cool breeze.

I love this weather, I feel so Home! Anyway I am going back to Msia soon…

This weather brings out lotta Kwai pohs walking their dogs…

Some serious kwai poh joggers with ipod, nike trainers, hot pants and tight shirts as well. good time to start jogging as well!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

One Fine Day

I was about 45minutes late to work today, as i was waiting for the pedestrian signal to turn green. I saw all my colleague walking from the opposite direction.
I thought they might be going to HQ for some urgent matters?
As we cross path, they told me the whole convention center is now sealed for the wedding of some big fella.

So today i got an extra day off . LOL!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Idolism of Beckham

I have lost counts of singers, actors, actress, athletes and famous personalities that had their events held in UAE. I proudly proclaimed that I attended none of them, not because I hate them, I am just plain lazy to cramp myself in and out with the crowd.

There will be exception for everything and there are seven reasons why I attended AC Milan Training in Dubai.
1. David Beckham, the most marketable footballer in the world.
2. Ronaldinho, the most skilful footballer ever.
3. Paolo Maldini, the most loyal player ever. He is 40 now and has been playing for AC Milan since he was a kid.
4. Kaka, one of the best player in the world and *Virgin* when he got married.
5. Its FREE!
6. To Kap Lui!
7. To satisfy myself, looking at those soohai arabkia shouting *beckham, beckham!* I was so shocked that no girls shouted his name only some arabkia. Beckham marketing strategy must have gone wrong somewhere?
I missed a lot of happening events in the UAE but I am not going to miss watching some arabkia shouting hysterically for a MAN!


Big Bowl

Big Bowl Restaurant, is one of the few budget Msian Style Chinese Restaurant in Dubai, one of those old brand. Its boss is a China National who has stayed in Msia for 20years and dubai for 10years so foods serve has been Malaysianized!
The bowl is about 8inches in Dia... Its Trademark!

City above the cloud

The weather was so nice for the last few days. Its about 15c in the morning and 20+c in the evening. Just like summer in UK. Fog is also seen every morning, looking out from my 28th floor apartment, it felt like City above the cloud. *Not Genting*!
BUT today, it was so hot! Afternoon was 30+c and I dun even had the chance to wear my new bought sweater from Mark & spencer. Although I like it cool but the hot weather brought out all those Ikan Masin to the pool!Pros & Cons for everything!