Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nasi lEmak & Milo Ais

Few weeks ago… I take my Indian colleague to British Embassy to collect his UK VISA.
Phew… we Malaysian are so lucky that we don’t need visa to enter most country.
As far as I know, Indo, Pinoy & Indian need visa to almost all destinations in the world!
Die… die… I also dun wan Sabah goes back Philippine. Go everywhere need visa.
It happens that the Visa processing centre is nearby a really small cafeteria named "Singapore Deli"!
So… I dun wanna skip the chance to eat Spore food la… similar to msia one mah.
But from the waiters tone, I know he is from Indon!
Never mind la… it has been over a year since I eat there.
Sambalnya…. Sedap!
Go home I shit like hell because loooooooong time no take Sambal lol!