Sunday, February 24, 2008

My 2nd Chap Goh Mei in Tupai

Just a small gathering of few friends to celebrate Chap Goh Mei in the Safest Way Restaurant in Tupai. Just as its name goes by SAFEST WAY, you cant go wrong with this restaurant as its provide Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai food as well as sea food at reseonable price with good taste. Playing around with Lumix.
This Sotong + cucumber dish is so Pedas till LIL so Red face hoted she almost fainted.

Dessert... 5layers cake very sweet but too small for everyone!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Advice inside the toilet

The ass Hyiene Freak is back & I am sure he evens more dangerous now with more tissues! Enemy of Mother Nature. I found that a lot of people are against his action so they write on the wall inside of the toilet cubicle to protest!
Yeah! That's right... lotta guys like to smoke and shit. Maybe it is easier for them to push the shit out using those inhale smoke. I hate smokers, they are the most selfish bunch of human on earth. They make my Haven aka Toilet damn smelly! Go F yourself Smokers!
This must be written by my boss.
Words of encouragement in times of HARDSHIP!!!
This is new... I never knew they install CCTC in Toilet? Shit! I dun wana be EdiÁ•ě with Shitholes.

Monday, February 11, 2008

White Witch

I thought I found the one I could trust with that white witch at the Used Car centre.

It was all illusion!!!

The whites have been cheating of Chinese’s money and land for over a 100years. Since those days when they robe HK & Macau away, selling us Opium but they themselves distance from it! You think we Chinese are stupid? Yes! I think so… even nowadays Chinese girls fancy white man!

I was assured that it only takes 3 days to get the car, Blue 31000km. I was made believe that in 3days I can test the car, sign the loan’s doc and drive away. She said she would call me when the car is done but the opposite happen after I paid the deposit, it seems like she has amnesia!

I keep calling her and even go personally to the showrooms few times just to make sure the car is delivered within three days but I know it was not possible because she is witch. So I demanded explanation and she tried soften my heart with her long blonde hair, blue eyes and big tits, that might work 20years ago but her aging skins and sagging breast doesn’t command much attention now. Burn the white witch!!!

How bull shit, two weeks pass and no news from the White Witch! So I go there personally for explanation, she even told me 100%, 100% today I can get the car! Evening comes and no call from the witch and I know what she means by 100%, 100% her tits is fake! I go to the showrooms at least FIVE times and most of the trips are fruitless.

She called me on "Cho Yat", Thursday evening around 7pm!
"Are you going to pick up your car?" White Witch
"My car is ready? Nobody notify me." CA
"I SMS you this morning, it has been ready since 10am this morning!" Wihte Witch.
Yeah! She really has amnesia, I just called her 11.30am that morning and she told me they are still waiting for my car plate!
Liar! Liar! White Witch! Stupid Idiot!

Her showroom closed at 8pm and she called me at 7pm some more the following day is FRIDAY, off day! Either she is stupid or she thinks that I am stupid.

So I pick up my car on “Cho Sam”, the most "Dulan" thing is that I was given SILVER instead of a BLUE, 34000km instead of a 31000km car!!! I didn’t even given the chance to test the car, I cant do anything because the car has been register under my name and I am desperate to get it because I dun wanna paid any extra cost for renting a car!

I don’t hold her any grudge but the way she turtle turn me like Sohai rob me of the trust to Big Tits White Witch!!!

This is my Car.

The One Behind